Friday, July 30, 2010

a nice photo.

at times I wish I had the simplicity of Tumblr, 
because lately, I don't have enough time to say much. 
The ' A nice photo' caption on tumblr always makes me 
kind of happy. 
Here is a nice photo of me and my best friend. 
It is important to know that here I had my hair cut to 
Match Cameron Diaz in There's Something about Mary. 
This phase was definitely the least frightening of 
all of the phases I went through. So, I will take it. 
Anyway... enough about me... Happy Birthday Nicole!!
I am so sorry I cried so much at your wedding. I am trying to work on 
my professionalism. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

me likey

howdy.. back from another whirlwind commute up to 
SF for some family time. 
So, I know I have given this shirt some praise before. But, you know..
love this shirt and its accordion pleats. 
Did you know my mom played accordion as a kid? fun fact. 
Accordions are hokey, which we all know I love, and 
too, describe all kinds of folded goodness. 
Some accordion images for you. 
Me and my shirt.. and a smile.
Creepy NY accordion player, who according to a friend, 
hoofed it all the way to Central Park from Brooklyn. 
Some fantastic accordion pleated skirts..

Sigh, not a single accordion collar to be found. 
You are my main squeeze. 
Other accordion!
We had an accordion book for our wedding party and 
It really was fantastic. Something so cool about
opening up the book to one long panorama. 
The best.
And there is nothing classier than a vintage broach. Hee
Here's to starting the week on Wednesday!

Friday, July 23, 2010

super duper

New swim images! We kind of jerry-rigged em together, 
or as my pea brain likes to say 'jimmy rig', 
but I think they have a fun vibe!
Notice, too, the incredible necklaces from 
SODA.. and do not fear, we will be doing a give 
away over at! Soon. Soon. 
Sorry to be a stranger! If it makes you feel better, my daughter told her
dad last night 'mommy never plays with me.' Sad! Better go do that.. 
Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Back from NY and slightly discombobulated. 
Photo shoot day... So, I'll hit some quickie highlights. 
Stayed at the Ace hotel... glorious. 
Pretty much totally failed at picture taking. 
But, did take this in the lobby. 
Outside the Agenda trade show at the 
Comme des Garcons shop. Or, pod, if 
you'd rather. Saw this in person and it 
was delightful. 
Wanna hear something sad? I just looked through all of the pictures
of this day and realized that my sneaky husband stickered
the back of my shirt and photographed it over and over again. 
Cruelty! And here I thought I had a small chance at cool. 
The weather was seriously balmy. My hair almost had body!
I said almost. 
lamiskins doing a little vintage shopping at 
Rabbits in Brooklyn, which I love. 
I did fancy the best pair of shiny cropped tuxedo 
pants there that was amazing. However, 
what was also amazing, is that it took my honestly 
four or so minutes to shimmy them on, one
buttock at a time. 
Good thing I stopped myself. Or was it. 
They were so hot. 
More vintage pics of *purchases later.
Dinner in little Italy. 

I took this shot over my shoulder.. 
These guys were slightly too authentic for 
comforts sake. 
Other highlights included seeing not one but TWO top chef 
super stars.. super snarky critic James Oseland
and Jonathan Waxman! yes!
K.. back later with some more. 

Friday, July 16, 2010

terrible person.

I really need to explain something to the world. 
You may think me a terrible person? Why, you ask?
Well, because I am NOT a dog person. 
Of course, I am not talking to you. 
I love your dog. Your dog is different. 
All those times your dog knocked over my child, ate one of her
toys, ran off with a dirty diaper when I was doing a diaper change and
yes, farted on me with his stinky fish farts( ha - you know who you are..), 
scratched me with his nails or put his butt in my face, 
I said to myself 'aww' and thought about rainbows and 
I am not soulless : I really want to love your dog. 
I will positively reply to your pictures and pet and care about
him when I see him. But, the gig is up and I think it's time you know. 

Although, here is the part where I am actually blameless, as I 
show you my childhood dog, bipolar and purchased from 
a shopping mall. I remember only the inside of his mouth, 
and several instances where I begged 'please Fluffy' while
he repeatedly bit my butt in the hall corner. 
My sister is the big kid, and I, naturally, am the small crazy who 
looks a whole lot like my daughter. 
Forgive me for my movie pirating. 
Happy Weekend and a little Monsters of Folk for you. 

RIP fluffy from jaimee brant on Vimeo.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

wild and crazy

I am a wild and crazy buying machine. 
I am onto holiday and that means SWEATERS! woo hoo. 
I just love sweaters. Vintage sweaters definitely 
quite often fall into the category of campy. 
Check out these that i have purchased for Holiday inspiration...
First of all.. I have NO idea what is up with This teddy bear 
in this first photo... but, love the sweater!
That teddy bear. 
and this sweater is so tribal and fantastic... 
but this is as much as I am sharing. 
and behold... the most amazing sweater of the week. 
Batwings and rainbows..sold!
Don't worry, that is not a real person/vampire. It's plastic. 
Sorry I am forcing you to look at sweaters in the middle of summer, 
but sweaters are fantastic aren't they. 
oh! Good news. Posting tomorrow. Miracles do happen.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

always behind.

So my blogging days have slipped to Tuesday/Thursday.
I am failing you. But, it's ok. It will all be ok
because someday soon, at least I will have fun product coming 
in to show you. Right?
So, thoughts of the week are as follows...
I am noticing bloggers posting themselves in lacy tops 
thanks to the big lace push from Fall runway. 
from Marc by Marc Jacobs. 
But, of course, my mind desires this look 
on steroids.. say, with a crazy color and giant sleeves. 
And, wouldn't you know, I have just the top on my 
rack at work. Loves it!
Like I said... pictures of myself will be few and far between. 
Let's leave this to the professionals . 
My point is : fall will be lacy. 
Thought of the week two.. I have really produced some results in the 
garden as of late.... 
Mongo rainbow beets, which I made beet risotto with. 
my first brush with beet risotto was here...
the beet risotto from the House of Morande winery in Chile...
that IS filet mignon on top. Dreams. Sweet dreams. 
And, my pumpkin crop is preparing itself nicely for the Halloween holiday. 
In other news...
the child is now a horseback rider. 
who can clean horses with this brush. 
and mount the horse. 
and  after lessons...
hanging with her best friend! (with matching band aids)
And I did get one straight on modely photo...
I guess not much as changed since the last one 2 years ago..
Well, besides the hair and the 'tude. 
Have a good week! I will be back before to long. 

Thursday, July 8, 2010

bringing it back.

has anyone noticed what the top has become?
I just feel like shirt separates have morphed into the invisible
layers of totally cute jacket/skirt/pant based outfits. 
No one is talking about cute shirts, people!
Shirts are solids for layering or tunics for comfort. How will I 
bring tops back into the limelight?
This is one of those moments where I remind myself that my 
tops are whatever I want them to be and 
whatever whimsey I choose to inflict on poor bystanders. 
So, I say yes to oversized, dolman sleeved, 
printed and embossed silk masterpieces. 
who is with me?
So off I go onto a short voyage. 
with help from the shirt wall and the shirt rack, of course. 
And, I must applaud anyone who puts a picture of 
themselves on their blog because as of late, 
I cannot bring myself to do it. 
Perhaps it is a slow hump that one must get over. 
I am not sure. Thoughts?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

and how

I love the color red today
how cute is this double gingham. 
Why is gingham so cute at times and so awful at others. 
Right now, it is cute and i love it. 
(from Ramona West.)
And I don't know if its a surge of women hormones or what, 
but I bought ANOTHER calico floral dress today. 
The last one I bought had HUGE sleeves like this :
these sleeves and this plaid are just lovely. 
and I still have a vintage finding obsession with phones and 
vintage record players. Any ideas?
And now, Paige, to answer your question. 
I usually laugh off these answer the question and pass on to your friends, 
but I so cannot live with myself if I even let one person down. 
So, in ten years I will be forty years old, which seems crazy. 
I already, since turning thirty this year, have extreme paranoia about my 
safety and mortality.. so, I am sure I will continue on that track to the 
point of unbearable! ha. 
My main desire, though, is to be happy with myself and satisfied with my life
and the choices that I made in the last ten years. 
Of course, I desire to be WILDLY successful, it would be fabulous if we
could make this business take off and that success led to many fun 
travels. I undoubtedly will have collected many things by that point, 
and the thought of that makes me happy. 
Is that a decisive enough answer? 
I did do absolutely nothing over the weekend, which I am terrible at. 
Though, I did re-read the fountain head for my tenth or so time, 
and now I am lost in a moment of life crisis.. ha. 
Just kidding. Although, to be so glamorous and idealistic. hmm. 
Anyway.. I am not sure I can bring myself to directly call anyone 
out to name what they will be doing in ten years. 
So, I hope the ten friends of mine who have blogs (you know who you are)..
do it!
Have a good week!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

are you

this hot?

If you wear a S swim top and S swim bottom... I need you!
I am looking for a hot small to be my fit model 
for Magic in Vegas mid August!
Tell your friends!!
If you are my small... send me a message!


This jacket! Such a cute one. 
buy it from Paige!
And, check out Paige's blog... she started out a little on
the shy side and has morphed into a complete
supermodel! Giving this 30 year old hope. hee. 
And, I am still in love with this
I am really needing more jackets, apparently, because I am starting
to get a serious amount of shi* for wearing this Guatemalan 
beauty close to every day. 

purchased from ramona west
The jacket has totally taken over the scarf's duty
of chief ridicule receiver... ridicule example 
courtesy of Yessi!! hee. 
So, I may be wearing a new jacket today - my mom's old 
seventies levi's ( and a really cute green vintage skirt!)
but, I need one of my staples. Sorry bout it, but the waitress
from the Claim Jumper Sunday night liked it. a lot. So, that 
compliment will take me at least into the next decade. ha!
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