Thursday, July 1, 2010

self help

I am a compulsive list writer. I always have to pencil in time 
for 'self help' - you know, time for shaving and prettying yourself up. 
Self help always gets put to the bottom of the list and forgotten. 
But, not yesterday, yesterday was makeup day. 
After a month without blush and looking like a ghost, 
feast your eyes on my new Laura Mercier Coral Red blush quad. 
and tata even talked me into buying some 'bellini' lip gloss, 
although, I am still trying to avoid drawing attention to 
my melasma. If you don't know what melasma is, 
I feel happy for you! I hope you never find out!
Anyway... pretty, right?

And, now for my daily side note:
yesterday I named a swim group Yacht Rock. 
Why don't YOU give yourself some self help and 
watch these Yacht Rock viedeos. They may be 
brain cell killers, but they are friggin classic. 
Viva Yacht Rock!


  1. ha ha! yessss! bye bye jaimeeghost! what's weird is that i just bought some lipgloss, too.. in an orangey shade. coral, actually. we can be lipgloss twins! still need to watch that yacht rock.

  2. Yay for Bellini! Did I transform your day? Week? Perhaps your life? The magic of Mercier.


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