Thursday, July 15, 2010

wild and crazy

I am a wild and crazy buying machine. 
I am onto holiday and that means SWEATERS! woo hoo. 
I just love sweaters. Vintage sweaters definitely 
quite often fall into the category of campy. 
Check out these that i have purchased for Holiday inspiration...
First of all.. I have NO idea what is up with This teddy bear 
in this first photo... but, love the sweater!
That teddy bear. 
and this sweater is so tribal and fantastic... 
but this is as much as I am sharing. 
and behold... the most amazing sweater of the week. 
Batwings and rainbows..sold!
Don't worry, that is not a real person/vampire. It's plastic. 
Sorry I am forcing you to look at sweaters in the middle of summer, 
but sweaters are fantastic aren't they. 
oh! Good news. Posting tomorrow. Miracles do happen.


  1. I know that vintage sweaters can sometimes be campy, but is that necessarily bad. Hey, Bill Cosby can be a style inspiration too! Just me? Ok, I'm a weirdo.

  2. I agree!! I do LOVE a good sweater. The only thing campy about these sweaters is that teddy bear!

  3. i literally just broke out into a sweat. thanks, jaimee. now i need to go take a cold shower.

    (but i love sweaters, too!!!)

    can't wait for fall. are we there yet?

  4. yeah yeah the sweaters are fab whatever. WHAT'S THE GOOD NEWS??

  5. There's no news, silly. Just a video!


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