Friday, August 27, 2010

two things

1.) another give away!!
Go to Bikini Bird for the details!!
Remember when I said Balboa racer in black
was my favorite?
That is the suit up for grabs. 
swimming in a sea of Vegas douchery!
This is a lot of give aways... one of you had
better win at least one!!
2.) watch this video to see a really inspiring swim look. 

fun on facebook

I think the ole FB is a little crazy, 
but I am willing to play if it will make our
business thrive!!
With that said... the brand Rocket Dog
has made a total transformation into cuteness
and we are doing a joint giveaway with 
them for a swimsuit, a pair of shoes and 
a pair of Raen optics sunglasses
(they are also cute cute.)
AND one of SODA by Amy's 
faboosh necklaces. 
I am thinking over 200$ of goodness!
Head over to Rocket Dog's FB page!
Well, and ours!
Apparently, all you have to do is 
tell your favorite story from this summer 
to win. 
I personally, cannot get my mind out 
of the gutter, but I am sure you can come 
up with something. 
I am thinking that adding a 
definitely secure your win. 
am I too cynical for giveaways? never. 


Behold = my new couch. Currently, there are two couches 
and two giant arm chairs in my tiny TV room. What to do. 
Here is my new etsy Alchemy request, people = 
Can someone paint a giant sized portrait of me, my couch
and my pet mr crabs? ha. Wouldn't that be dreamy. 
I do feel slightly warm about being able to pluck a piece of 
furniture off the street and make it sexy!
gratuitous kissing pic.
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

dedicated to my tata

Not to be super schmoopy, 
but there are a lot of birthdays this month!!
Happy Bday Tay Tay. 
Ava loves you. She probably loves you more than me, 
since she wakes up in the morning and calls for 
Grandma ever since we got back from Vegas. 
by the way, meet my new friend and muse. 

He has been traveling to trade shows with me. Thanks sister!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bikini Bird

let's keep this pic small, shall we?
As I had mentioned before, my suit of choice is the 
fabulosity that is the Balboa top( the scrunch racerback)
in Solid Black. 
and by miracle I squeezed myself into a small top!
Yay T for featuring us on Bikini Bird!
Miss you!
Look for a Split Girl swim giveaway over at Bikini Bird

i like sleeves

I tend to like my vintage with a little bit of crazy.
I am built like a giraffe, so why not?
Feast your eyes on my new purchases!!
and.. sorry, but, this is making me totally happy this morning.
If you don't remember this commercial, we can't be friends. 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

trade show roundup!

hi all..
Currently,I am not feeling super personal. 
It's been a hard month!
But, I am super professional. 
I actually want to be super professional, but I have 
always been way too approachable. 
Luckily, I have very pro pics of our 
Split Girl swimwear from the ASR trade show. 
Currently, I am in Las Vegas at ISAM at Magic. 
So, take a peek!!
from the Yacht Rock group...
that's right. Yacht Rock
from the Big Canyon collection.. the best!
 and the nautical knots!
 and the cute racer back. 
 from the Cosmos group... the PAIGE top!!
** this is for you Paige!
 note all of the cute palm springs contemporary inspired prints...
Sorry everyone if I have been a totally email/blog/phone call
mia friend. But, man, I just need a break!
I'll be back soon!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Small sigh of relief... we received our swim fabrics on Saturday and 
woooooweee we will have samples sewn in time for the 
trade show on Friday. 
Since I have dragged you on this very slow and poorly documented 
journey... here are some of the prints and if I may say so, 
I am slightly happy with my ability to turn 5 dollar vintage
into an amazing swim collection. Yay to the yay!!
Can you say Winner winner?!!
Who didn't know that this print would be?
Between the print, the colors and the suit... dying over this one. 
And this desert scape and geo become...
these! Oh the cuteness. The right ethnic-y guy got in there too!! 
But, more on that later. 
who says a pair of man skivvies can't become a totally cute print?
not me, clearly??
and Aztec!
This guy got in there too.. 
I will show that group off later. 
So, the point of the story is small victories. 
Now, I am off to a petite surgery.. see you on the flip side!
ack! I am totally freaked out by being put under, 
but I will keep it all in check. 
And, we have two sickies in the house.. as this man comes
home from the doctor too... but, not until tomorrow. 
Let's bring the mood up here and listen to some 'spirit in the sky',
which is my all time jam, btw. Ha! Total brilliance. 
Let's get interactive. 

Friday, August 6, 2010

must. find. some. air.

I was having my blood drawn last week and the nurse could not
find the vein. Nightmare. After 2 minutes, she found the 
vein and said to me 'you can breathe now'. 
I seriously had been holding my breath for 2 minutes
because I could not even mentally deal with what was going 
on down there. I think that we humans do what we have to 
to get by and then finally face reality when we think
we can finally handle it. 

I have been having a very hard week. There are some issues...
my insanely late swim fabric that has still not arrived and must
be sewn by Thursday, my even later Fall design deadline, 
somehow meeting up with my sister who is in San Francisco
for the next week, and the fact that I have to have a surgery 
next Tuesday and the lovely $2000 we have to pay
until we finally reach our deductible! small 'yay'!
I literally felt like I have been holding my breath since 
Tuesday... totally unable to field phone calls and
handle normal situations. I have even cried! and 
loudly said the F word to my swim vendor yesterday. 
I have lost it. 

I must say though, there have been a couple 
shining lights amidst the darkness... 
My daughter telling me that she'll ' see me soon - bye!!' 
at preschool instead of clinging and crying and 
my husband feeding me and putting the kids to bed
for the last three nights(yipee!) 

And for you... I have the superficial goodness. 
Thank god we are like big children who never lose their
love for shiny things... because yesterday, I 
received some leather accessory fabrics
and I may have to hang them on my wall they make me 
so happy. 
Now, improve your Friday and soak these in. 

neon coral croc embossed? yes please. 
who would not love these plasti prints for 
a little bath bag?
I may eat them.
DYING over the ice blue. 
Ice blue clutches for everyone.
shiny metallics and red teal purple goodness. 
This is my fave palette, though kind of hard to see from 
the pic....
bumpy leather in bright coral, lemon, soft gold, silver, 
purple-y brown and super soft dusty purple. 
and Waxy leather. The yum-est of all. 

here's to breathing. 
Have a good weekend!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

a new year

A new trip to the fair. Fyi, I am  sappy and 
TERRIBLY nostalgic. This is why I love the fair
and anything that remotely reminds me of
old stuff. However, I must say that I am usually
protected by my own denial bubble while at the fair, 
choosing to see what I want to see... the cute animals, 
the plants and flowers, the 'crafts', the airbrush tent...
and this year, I was apparently not able
to block out the undesirable fair goers. 
This is the first year that I have seen the fair as 
anything but classy classy. 
When did I get so cynical? sad. 
 Anyway.. of course we revisited the photo booth. 
And, despite the man explaining to us that we had to 
stay as far away from the camera as possible,  
I succeeded in being extremely washed out
and close to the camera, DOMINATING every frame, 
and making really ugly faces. oops!

Of all the fair food, the turkey leg totally grossed me 
out this year. My beloved turkey leg!
I am obviously at some sort of life crossroads. 
Yeehaw still has the best fair paper goods. 
And I love this image...
Wouldn't you love a first place ribbon?
I would. I want a wall of ribbons like this. Does Mary 
Vican have a wall of ribbons?
and I decided this year that my jam/zuccs/pumpkins/
beets are definitely fair worthy.. next year. 
And, I have quasi decided that Ava will be putting the 
rabbits in the fair when she is old enough. Cruel? 
I don't care. 
You know what else I think of when I think of the fair?
40s dresses. AND gingham. 
Oh gingham again. I love you, gingham(right now).
If I could just get through Fall Holiday and move 
onto Spring, I can capitalize on my new found love of 
gingham before I hate it again. 
Too bad I am late for work. 
Ps, I am not in denial that we had house guests and an 
incredibly fun weekend, I am just really failing in the 
photo taking dept. 
But I am chatty. Very chatty. 
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