Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Read this new blog post Paige did about THIS sweater
from the Split Girl photo shoot
over on her Vintage loving blog barefoot and vintage!!
I know some people always wonder about 
what inspires certain lines of clothing or pieces in the line. 
To start, I am obsessed with thick Granny sweaters. 
Likewise, I am in LOVE(capitals, again) with Cobalt, Navy, 
and Red... and America(kidding.) But, the America 
palette is so amazing to me. 
So, when I stumbled on this sweater in Paige's wonderful 
vintage shop... I was so happy. 
Perhaps everyone remembers it from THIS post??
So, don't let me design a line of clothing, because I will take this 
sweater and run with it!! Get yours in 2011 from Split Girl!
Anyhoot, visit Paige's shop and blog because she is darling and 
you may just find your own special new vintage clothing friend!
Too, you can find out the back story on our super FAMOUS sweater!
Thanks for the blog love Paige!!
(and for being so awesome!)

Care package!

No, not for me. Luckily, my sister reads my blog once a month. 
So, by the time she sees this, she will probably have this 
stuff in her hot hands!
I am horribly late for my sister's bday. Hopefully, a fun crafty 
care package will excuse my tardiness. 
1.) My favoritest ric rac flocked stickers from Martha Stewart. duh!
2.) The most amazing 'nonsense' journal from Seltzer.
3.) Sad Face - Belated Birthday card from totally cool company Hello Lucky
4.) Vintage-like pastels.. why not?
5.)Yes to a do it yourself flocking kit from Martha Stewart!
6.) Second favoritest 3D butterfly stickers.. more Martha
A little Martha goes a long way in Europe. 
7.) The best!! label/sticker set from Sukie
8.) Hand carved stamps!
9.) Magical friendship bracelet from American Rag

I am pretty excited about this care package. It's a goodin. 
Mostly excited about my discovery of this rad journal
and the Seltzer goods
I'm in love. And, look at the rainbow-y goodness of 
all of their journals!!
All from Seltzer

And, I am loving these pastels. Kind of a fun treat!
All gussied up!
And now, some gratuitous kid pics of me and my sister. 
The gunny sac fashions!
Still unsure why my kid makes so many faces. hmmm. 

Monday, May 24, 2010


Who loves this belt?
I'm not completely a belt or bag person..
But, I was loving and wearing this belt on Friday. 
We should make these, right?
It kinda makes me light headed... as my waist is
no where near this small.. but, it was worth it. 
Yay for belts!

Friday, May 21, 2010


I must be a real geek.. because 5 people have alerted me 
about the Pacman inspired google homepage today. 
Pacman toys from Lucysartemporium
And.. to prove I am a dork.. I give you who is the
Thanks Yance!


Well... The amazing Katie has finally launched her 
Botany Factory website!!
And if that isn't enough, there is a killer scientific drawing
by Sonya Derman on the homepage!
eek!! The stuff that dreams are made of. Really.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Check out some of our new lifestyle shots for the 
relaunch of Split girl for Fall 11!!
We were SO lucky to have a fabulous photographer, 
Melanie Franklin, and The gorgeous Anamique.
Pick up your new Split girl fashions come next summer! whoot!
In the meantime, support the brand by buying some 
swimwear here... or here.
Our swim relaunch will be happening even sooner.. so, 
look for new swimwear early 2011!
All images from Split Girl, shot by Melanie Franklin
Thank you so much to Anamique and Melanie for being so
sweet and talented!
And! yummiest sweater inspiration from barefoot and vintage .

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

thought process

My dearest blog, sorry I have been so non attentive. 
I just drank my second Nespresso of the day in hopes of waking up!
There's no time to be sleepy!
So, On the forefront of my mind, aside from mounting bills that I keep 
ignoring - whaaa, is Ava party 2010. 
The preparation process goes as follows = invite. check. 
yes, I blurred the address out again. Paranoia!
Next = pick a theme. Likes of two year old include - drumming, no, 
roller skating, ok - maybe, and Yo Gabba Gabba, yes and yes. 
So, we will have to have a Yo Gabba Gabba/Rollerskating influence
happening here, while respecting the photo boards of the last 
two years, of course. 
P.S. I promise to have some sort of photo gallery of everyone looking
super cool and hip while posing their faces on veggie etc. 
bodies this year. 
Anyway.. next step = decor. 
And I bring you to the evolution of the banners. 
First year banners were micro paper banners. 
Last year, felt banners.
How, oh how, will I update the banners?
I have a couple of ideas... but, you will have to wait and see, as 
I am in complete denial about the closeness of the party. 
In the meantime.. banners that inspire me. 
Some day I plan on having a party that is based around these amazing
paper banners from Aymujer
They even have hokey airstream banners. 
If only my lack of excitement for Mexican food wasn't holding me back. 
Oh well. Someday. 
And, I was super inspired by this look in Santiago, Chile.
And it was SophieCuvelier and 'the fabulous garlands' that 
got me inspired in the first place. 
The circles??
How dreamy are her hand dyed colors. Incredible.
And some other fine specimens..
 hearts via fortyducks.
recycled paper/fabric via monkey puzzle.
cut shapes by paperklipdesign.
And if I could only do this! by lmferg1.
And some fun stuff I found along the way...
How cute is this printed taping?
from Marchare.

AND!! People always ask me where to find hanging 
Pom Poms. Well, woo to the hoo, because this shop
has Poms of all colors. And yes, Pom should be capitalized.  
So you can see from these last few posts how much maddening over
analyzing goes into each detail. Save me from my own psychosis!

Friday, May 14, 2010


So, the birthday stress begins. Time to get out those darned birthday
invites. Let's roll through the memories of birthday past...
Yes, the address is blurred out. I am super famous, remember?
So, yesterday we had an impromptu birthday photo shoot. 
I think it went well. Getting the right shot was touchy. Interestingly
enough, the kid gets more difficult to pin down every year! shocker. 
This one was a little forced. 
Too angry.
Eating Fennel. Put that down!
I think we can work with this one. 
And here are some fun goodies from HeyYoYo to get us in the partee mode. 
Dying over the roller skate excitement because 'somebody'
is getting roller skates this year!
2 of the babe's favorite things...
I want miniature everything!
All images from Hey Yo Yo! Buy some stuff!
And because Hey Yo Yo always reminds me of Martha..
they use all Martha papers for their backgrounds, 
I was super pleased to find NEW papers on the 
Martha Craft website this morn. WOO HOO. 
After what seemed like a 6 month hiatus, the papers are back, people!
And they must be fresh off the design table because there are no 
actual pictures, just creepy cads. 
Although, there were some very pretty pictures of stickers. 
What is it about stickers and collecting them and staring at them 
and never using them? Damn you, Mrs. Grossman, for starting me on 
the path to hoarding stickers in the first place!!
Ha.. what a rant. Anyhow, 3D Butterfly stickers..

And fun felted ric rac stickers. These would be super cute
on packages. HATE ric rac. LOVE felted ric rac stickers. 
Buy stickers and new exciting papers at Martha Stewart Crafts!
And, the birthday train will continue. Don't you worry, I will be dragging
you along on my control freak party planning path. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

say yes

to vintage swim fashions. 
This suit is to die for with a low back and 
cinched waist... but, I must say no to sad mannequins. 
I am desiring these boob cups and one piece tube
top swim suits. They seriously do not make 
the fun things they used to! waa!
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