Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Deadbeat blogger here. Needed a couple days to work work work.
Current state is obsessed with this Americana/mod stewardess
color palette for fall winter. 
Rehashing Fall runway and keep coming back to the 
incredible Chanel show.  BTW, those are real icebergs in the
background. For the sake of faux fur abominable snow man suits, 
you need to watch this one. Oh, and for fabulous clothes( faux fur 
short shorts included.)
Some loverly red white and blue(and navy>>heart heart)...
1.) Vintage prints from top to bottom: 
2.) Dresses from Ramona West
3.) Amazing sweater style from Barefootandvintage
4.) Purse from ggiotta
And a little of this... I swear sometimes the cheesy just gets me. 
If you are looking for Easter cheer, this is about as good as it gets. 
This girls knows how to party and how to dress (sans shoes).
Happy Wednesday!


  1. i really cant believe how big ava is!! i need an updated picture for next to my bed haha my current one is still at the point she had no the vintage americana clothes also!

  2. oh man. that 1st pic of ava is priceless. POUTY PONY!!!! haaa. so cute.

  3. friend, the furrowed brow and look of death is totes inherited from you. i remember she used to do that as a baby ! ha. miss you guys. xo

  4. God Ava is getting so big and is seriously so beautiful.

  5. Are you sure what you don't mean is sans pants??? Oh - thats right - she was wearing her grumpy pants. Frickin love that kid.. almost as much as I love her mom.

  6. ooh! New comments giver. yes!!

  7. and duh! about the no pants. that is a given!!!xx


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