Wednesday, March 31, 2010

vintage love!

Some of the most effortless vintage shopping from the week
to get us all inspired!
Beautiful prints..
Pretty art. 
Layers of goodness!
Groovy sleeves. 
Sweet detail. 
Lovely color!
Vintage prints and construction just make it too easy! Amazing!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

simple pleasures.

Pretty new hand painted Peter Priess Easter eggs!
Just not enough time to celebrate the Easter Holiday this year. 
cross stitched Easter eggs!
furry flocked!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

happy day!

Today is my blogiversary. I have been entertaining myself here
for a whole year. I am feeling pretty proud of the commitment. 
And, in my honor, I will try to please only myself
with some crazy vintage easter ceramics!
[top to bottom via, via, via]

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

tah dah

I decided my blouse only needed one little ruffle. 
I tailored her to fit perfect at the strap line and I 
just don't want to cover it up with a bunch of ruffle..
plus, my aversion to over the top femininity may be 
at play here. 
Front is low and blouse-y, with a small ruffle. 
back is low with a Melange of Vintage 
granny buttons. 
Granny's button box also held a good amount of 
religious treasures and I have been staring and studying. 
love these guys.
Pinned this guy right onto my top. 
Side note : the 'Jegging' wearing is getting out of control over here. 
The Jegging, the hybrid of the jean and legging, 
is becoming my daily staple. It takes me about 10 minutes to 
get on and 20 to get off. 
Further, a picture of my feet is about all I will allow at 
this time. 
Although, Ava is not camera shy and has started demanding that 
I take her picture every time I have the camera out. 

Monday, March 22, 2010


Hooray for Easter season, 
when my keeping of rabbits goes from odd to celebrated! Oh, whatever. 
Look at my new bunny paper!

what the cat dragged in

Hmm. Something is amiss here. 
I forgot : it's 'Mustache March', says Sweetie. 
I think that I am being hoodwinked here. 
Of the many looks of the 'Mustachios', 
it would appear that Sweetie resembles the 
third from the left on the top row, who is looking 
a bit sad that his mustache is sparse and possibly 
confused for a bit of dirt. 
Although, he is not even close to as dejected as
the poor fellow below him without mustache. 
Which leads us to conclude that mustache : happiness. 
At least March is nearly over. 
These mustache crayons can stay!
Mustache for me leads my brain directly to Rooster 
from Annie... take that and analyze it. 
So, my relationship with the mustache, like my relationship
with suspenders and straw hats, is troubled. 

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Spring is 2 days away.. and I cannot believe it was a year ago 
this week that I was in Portland getting excited about
last Spring! There was good eats, good vintage and some 
boutique cuteness on that trip. 
The Idom boutique on Alberta was simply the cutest. 
The sweetest and tiniest Orange space!
Well, since then, Idom has moved from Alberta to NW 23rd and
gotten rather 'fancy' if I may say so. 
Idom is full of really interesting accessories, dresses and other
things imported from far off lands that are so unique and 
special.  There is a lot to see and the shop owner is 
so completely nice. And, the clothes she designs are 
so interesting and thoughtful, she is a girl after my heart
as her collections are dress heavy, primarily woven and play
with angles/fabric...  of course, i found myself a 
perfect sack shape to take home...
These pictures don't really do it justice, but huge ruffles
and indestructible shine! (sorry T)
To get back to it, check out the IDOM website
There are all sorts of amazing items from the shop on her blog. 
Dreamy dresses...
Great accessories and international goodies...
pillow cases? amazing. 
beautiful! Mexican earrings. 
and these. 
Apparently, you can call her at the shop and she will ship internationally. 
Those earrings are so amazing!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Favorite things to do on St. Patty's day...
wish Jenn 'Friend' Kong a Happy Birthday, 
which was easy enough to manage, as her bday was 
actually yesterday in Hong Kong. Check.  
make green cake - in this case 'muffins' aka cake 
minus icing for the 2 year olds. Check.
talk about/look at clovers/
obsess about finding a four-leafed clover. Check. 
I'll come back to this later. 
Do they really exist?
look back on my favorite! picture of all time...
and it's the perfect excuse to talk about Ace the Jackelope from, who travels around the globe dressed in fancy little outfits. 
He is seriously my favorite leprechaun. Ever. Check. 
Happy St. Patty's!
I will be eating corned beef tonight!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

my susie makes stuff

Susie is seriously crafty. 
She is the giver of the best, most thoughtful and time consuming gifts. 
She has crafted matching Sweetie aprons. 
She has decorated the baby room. 
She made this glorious golden rich chocolate flowerless cake!
She has the best taste. 
And the best gift wrap! I had to remove my face from this picture, 
as the giddiness on my face made me look c-r-a-z-y.
And! She can make stuff for you too!
These pin trios are so sweet and yummy. Five bucks and made
from vintage papers and fabrics from Susie's international travels
(and believe me.. there are travels)!!
Check out her shop Hello Sisters!! 
She and her sisters are a crafty bunch! I am one lucky lady. 
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