Monday, March 22, 2010

what the cat dragged in

Hmm. Something is amiss here. 
I forgot : it's 'Mustache March', says Sweetie. 
I think that I am being hoodwinked here. 
Of the many looks of the 'Mustachios', 
it would appear that Sweetie resembles the 
third from the left on the top row, who is looking 
a bit sad that his mustache is sparse and possibly 
confused for a bit of dirt. 
Although, he is not even close to as dejected as
the poor fellow below him without mustache. 
Which leads us to conclude that mustache : happiness. 
At least March is nearly over. 
These mustache crayons can stay!
Mustache for me leads my brain directly to Rooster 
from Annie... take that and analyze it. 
So, my relationship with the mustache, like my relationship
with suspenders and straw hats, is troubled. 


  1. This is ALL amazing...every bit...

  2. Would mustache March explain why my husband has massive amounts of facial hair right now? Because I can't think of another reason for this.

  3. AHAHA!! You are hilarious! Or am I just delirious from lack of sleep?. No. You are hilarious. For sure. And please don't tell Erik it's Mustache March. That kid will use any excuse to grow him some facial hair.


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