Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Favorite things to do on St. Patty's day...
wish Jenn 'Friend' Kong a Happy Birthday, 
which was easy enough to manage, as her bday was 
actually yesterday in Hong Kong. Check.  
make green cake - in this case 'muffins' aka cake 
minus icing for the 2 year olds. Check.
talk about/look at clovers/
obsess about finding a four-leafed clover. Check. 
I'll come back to this later. 
Do they really exist?
look back on my favorite! picture of all time...
and it's the perfect excuse to talk about Ace the Jackelope from, who travels around the globe dressed in fancy little outfits. 
He is seriously my favorite leprechaun. Ever. Check. 
Happy St. Patty's!
I will be eating corned beef tonight!!


  1. mm. the lepy is awesome. he looks like a squirrel and i love squirrels.

    ps. was ava really that small last year?

  2. The pics of you and ava are dreamy. More of those!


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