Thursday, March 18, 2010


Spring is 2 days away.. and I cannot believe it was a year ago 
this week that I was in Portland getting excited about
last Spring! There was good eats, good vintage and some 
boutique cuteness on that trip. 
The Idom boutique on Alberta was simply the cutest. 
The sweetest and tiniest Orange space!
Well, since then, Idom has moved from Alberta to NW 23rd and
gotten rather 'fancy' if I may say so. 
Idom is full of really interesting accessories, dresses and other
things imported from far off lands that are so unique and 
special.  There is a lot to see and the shop owner is 
so completely nice. And, the clothes she designs are 
so interesting and thoughtful, she is a girl after my heart
as her collections are dress heavy, primarily woven and play
with angles/fabric...  of course, i found myself a 
perfect sack shape to take home...
These pictures don't really do it justice, but huge ruffles
and indestructible shine! (sorry T)
To get back to it, check out the IDOM website
There are all sorts of amazing items from the shop on her blog. 
Dreamy dresses...
Great accessories and international goodies...
pillow cases? amazing. 
beautiful! Mexican earrings. 
and these. 
Apparently, you can call her at the shop and she will ship internationally. 
Those earrings are so amazing!


  1. love it all! those dresses are very dreamy! and the last two items.. the earrings and the shoes. i think i need them. now.

  2. love those shoes!!! and btw. you are SUCH a pdx wannabe!!! oxoxo

  3. Love those pics of you and you and dave. Love those dresses!


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