Monday, March 1, 2010

old stuff

Old photos mesmerize me. 
Sweetie turned me on to this amazing 
photo series by Jason Powell titled 'Looking into the Past'
He hunts down the current places of these
old photographs and compares the two. 
Read the interesting descriptions of these photos here
This bunny shot is amazing. My obnoxious former self
definitely put a bunny on a leash at one point. 


  1. your former self, eh? i know you put a bunny on a leash last week. admit it!! and i LOVE these photos.. this is a man of my own heart. love old photos and old things and the times they speak to. and as much as i love these, i have to say dude needs a hand model. those hands are seriously distracting!!

  2. omg! i totally agree about the hands! there was only one rabbit/leash occasion and it did not go well.


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