Thursday, December 31, 2009

just in time!

And, I am back from the Christmas Holiday, just in time to
ring in the New Year at my precious Village Inn.
Considering how freezing I am, I am currently obsessing
over the pairing of fabulous angora or other fluffy sweater
and a fun party skirt. I think the Angora will be coming out tonight!

Wonderful dolman sweater, tiered skirt and fun shoes from
my fave Allencompanyinc.
Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Cheer

I have been trying to find some old Christmas
kitsch for a couple weeks now and really, there
is none better than our own!
Merry Christmas.. see you next week!

One of sweetie's early works..

One of my earliest pieces, from the Loyola holiday craft fair.
I'm sure this old lady was inspired by my favoritest
childhood movie.. The Last Unicorn.
The littlest mom and baby
Another Brant family holiday obsession.. crafting Christmas Yodas.
Hope you are not on the naughty list!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Obsessed! with the Buche.

Christmas obsession number 2..
the Buche de Noel, aka the 'yule log'.
Anything rustic and woodgrain has become
undeniably kitschy and crafty, but the
Buche takes it way back.
I highly recommend making your own buche.
It is a jolly good time.
My sister and I would often make our own buche
growing up, and there were many laughs.

Of course Martha's buche is flawless.
Get the recipe here.
Making your own buche doesn't have to be
scary/overwhelming/gourmet either.
You can ease the buche into your kitchen by using regular
yellow cake mix( my sister and I would add lots of food die to
make a nice colored pin wheel of red or green)
and simply butter a flat 1" deep pan and pour about half of
the mix into the bottom of the pan. Cook for only about
10 minutes until the top is golden brown.
Carefully transfer the sheet of cake onto your counter,
ice the inside and roll. Don't get crazy if your buche breaks
while rolling, you can just smother it with icing.
Use small dollops of vanilla icing and top with a sprinkle
of cinnamon for some forest mushroom action.
Logs are always covered in mushrooms.
I will make some this weekend and share some buche
goodness later.

The buche can be very impressive at holiday parties.

Some AMAZINGLY festive non buche, simply log, pillows.
I love these! Buy them here.
[from my imaginary boyfriend]

Happy Log making!

The best.

Plainly and simply.
I think I will label this my #1 Christmas obsession..
The sweetest and most amazing Christmas video EVER.
Apparently, this has recently become available to buy
at Amazon, and can be delivered by Monday!?( I just bought 2)
Guess I can finally ditch my worbly VHS version. tear!

Anyway, please oh please do yourself the favor
of watching this movie..
so many good moments.. 'the santa position', 'the tourkeys'.
Watch the movie in 3 parts here..
Merry Christmas!!
You are welcome Jennifer.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A little (chilean) vintage

And I am almost done with Chile.
Some fun vintage and 'other' moments at
the Los Dominicos Handicraft Village...

Beautiful bird cages and a wide assortment of live poultry. mmm.

This store had a rainbow variety of anything in painted vintage tin...
long rows of different color butter dishes and my favorite..
the euro pitcher. Completely not useful, but so sweet and
available in the prettiest muted colors..

I heart vintage Santa and can spot him in any crowd
almost immediately.

These sweaters at the Yama store put the American Xmas
sweater to SHAME. We are talking entire city scapes
jacquarded into a 'sweater dress'.
These sweaters are full of national secrets that must be protected.

And, they were. By this crazy lady.
One last wall of Crin. I love you ladies of Rari!
If you missed my rant on crin, read here.

Wee little crin baskets to the most infinite
degree of delicateness!
Bb Chile! Hope I see you soon!

Monday, December 14, 2009

art and a yama

While in the fine country of Chile, we were able
to get our own personal tour of the Republica 2110-3010
art exhibit at the Centro Extension Balmaceda
in the equally fabulous Parque Quinta Normal(fabulous in a different
way.. hint: the llama aka Yama and a wide variety of kissing
people/crazy bike vehicles/dangerous playgrounds/etc.)

So we are on the same page here... let's flash back to this. While in
Chile we were able to get a very special showing of art by
the very same artist, Piguan, as well as some other
wonderful French and Chilean artists.
The Chilean Artists, who make up Kiltrv were sweet enough
to walk us through. Such a treat!

Some highlights..
Apparently this box had quite the drama while traveling from
France to Chile. (There is the flyer at the top left.. for more info,

As I have mentioned many times before, regardless of the
level of artsy fartsy-ness of your activity, it is
extremely hard to look cool/artsy/angst filled when you have revealed
your true self to the world (think human jungle gym - below).
The front room of the gallery space.
Pins in the artist's heart. I feel you!
Amazing shoes. Part of a piece by Nicolas Thomas.
Wall of mixed screen prints. yum.
A beautiful piece by Piguan: a starving mother
and child with ipod and diamonds.
It is most interesting that the the word 'bling' can truly
transcend any language barrier and was used
several times in describing this piece.

The awesome style of Carole Bielicki..
Of course women will bring peace and beauty to this crazy world!

And the Parque Quinta Normal.
These images hardly need description.
Such simple beauty.

And then we hauled ourselves over to Bellavista to see
a remote collection of the same artists.
Even Ava is inspired.
Wrought iron incredible.
More works of Piguan.
Please support these artists! Buy tees from Ambiguous!
Buy tees from Piguan or other Kiltrv artist,
Diego(who is also darling) here. Or, here.

Friday, December 11, 2009


Happy Birthday Lucy Lucas!
Some embroideries in your honor..

I know you will love this book, Miss L!
one little button..
rockin giraffe hair.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Kipu fine handcraft store in Valparaiso, Chile is full
of woven perfection. The sweetest store.

This poncho was perfection and completely got me in the mood.
The chilean mood.
I quickly became obsessed with these delicate little notions
woven from horsehair. I love them.
Here, a butterfly.
The figurines and animals were so sweet, yet way too pricey for
this girl. He is so intricate and dainty!
Don't you just want to squeeze him?

Click here to read more about the 'Crin' horsehair craft and the
cultural background of the craft
which has been practiced for 200 years by the women
Pretty cool stuff. I'm glad I was obsessed!
To buy some amazing Crin craft online, look here.
Or, here.
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