Tuesday, December 1, 2009

small time fun

Currently the sweeties are on a whirlwind trip to South America.
So, I leave you with some early holiday images to get you in the mood.
I fear I will not be able to get in the mood, seeing that I am caught in the
middle of the Summer here on the equator.

The Thanksgiving harvest..
And a special NorCal hometown weekend to ring in the holiday season.

Feeling thrifty and contemplating her first thrift
purchase of 'Pheasant in Snow'
And the main event, the Festival of Lights Parade.
Nothing like a small time Christmas parade to bring out the
holiday spirit.
Waving to the mayor..
Grandpa's train..
Shout out to the Mad Hatter..
Happy Holiday Season! Let's get crafty!


  1. So much fun! um... but I thought you were going to SA on the 10th??? You're already gone??? SAD.


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