Friday, April 30, 2010

vintage love!

My terrible posting record for the last two weeks can only
be blamed on... work. ick! 
Although really, We can't complain, can we?
Furthermore, If I have to stare at this all day today, 
then you will too. 
Oh, sweet vintage texture....
My feel good/heart happy vintage view of the day is this 
killer vintage Valentino jacket. 
Insert subliminal message here: Mom's day?
This mostly makes me heart happy because it meshes with 
my current obsession with red and also reminds me of
my favoritest 28th birthday Valentino outfit, 
which I was only photographed in on one jolly 
occasion. Sigh.
Honestly, the only thing I love more than crochet is printed
crochet on silk. The best!
Here is my first stalker photo of the print...
when I was demanding that it be released from the 
mannequin, only to find that I had to get on a waiting 
list. Boo!
And here is a nice holiday action shot. Slip and all. 
And because it's Friday and everyone 
needs to have some fun at my expense...
That's right. Get back to work!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mommy love (super mondo tutorial)

Finally the anthro inspired appliqued kitchen towel
(inspired by mom's day) tutorial. 
I must admit that I made the second prototype last night
in the wee hours and there are some funky craftsmanship 
moments. Don't worry : I will call your attention to them
even if you don't see them. 
the rest is after the jump...

Monday, April 26, 2010

glasses time

Oh how we love our plastic glasses. 
We wore them here (sans lenses), 
and constantly give them to all of our friends. 
Fresh glasses colors were at it this weekend...
the new white glasses were a hit in the 
two to forty five age range and really caused a stir
on the street corner(that may have come out wrong).
Anyways, there is a trunk show on Saturday and the glasses will be there! 
Exciting! Working on a tutorial for tomorrow! Dig deep!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Day!

In honor of Earth Day, we did some 
nature ogling today. You can ogle too. 
First, a quick jaunt around Roger's Gardens(yes, again).
the garden. 
I only photograph the fragrant roses. 
what else but the living rocks. 
maple forest. 
roses and roses. 
the amazing wood orb. 
and roses. 
heirloom varietals. 
After, we swung over to the Southern California
Spring Garden Show, apparently in its 21st year, 
for some fun landscapes. 
The show is on through Sunday.
Happy Earth Day earthlings!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

makes me happy

Um 'hi ewe' correspondence cards with matching labels and 
giant rolls of baker's twine? Perfect. 
How I love my correspondence. 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


It is really a small miracle when you see vintage shoes that are 
over size 8. People were just smaller in the past? ha. 
Anyway.. these are mine! All mine!
Although, my shoe desires are not fully satisfied at this 
moment. I have become weather-inappropriately 
obsessed with the ankle boot. 
I think I will have to carry this obsession through summer and 
then do something about it. 

Friday, April 16, 2010

fancy stuff for mom!!

A friendly reminder of a fabulous 
embroidery/applique/craft class at U.C.S.D. next 
Saturday 4/24. 
We will be making fancy kitchen towels a la
Anthropologie.  Here are some samples made today...
excuse the extreme wrinkles - my poor iron pooped 
out before I could press!!
Sign up here, or email me if you are interested!!
(If you live in San Diego or you LOVE to drive.)
And, not to brag... but, feast your eyes on these
wonderful projects from the Valentines day class!!

Father/Son boxers by SweetB.
Tie by extreme overachiever Micha. 
The  main lesson here is be good to your mom. 

Thursday, April 15, 2010

new toys

eek! Because 'new toys' these days are paper goods
and plants...
some of yesterday's finds from the scrumptious Roger's
First, I was thrilled to find some succulents that I haven't 
met before.. the Lithops-Leslie or 'living rocks'. 
They are the cutest buttons. Can we talk about the site
gosucculent? Mind blowing. They ship any succulent. 
One of womanly obsessions is the green house. 
I have fancy dreams of having one, and fancier dreams of 
drinking champagne in its vicinity. 
This green house is miniature and a green house..
obsession worthy. 
And, it is for spoiling your baby seedlings!
From esschert design. Buy a petit one for only
10 bucks here!
And how wonderful are these tags...
scientific illustrations of a medley of anemone?
With glitter. 
from F.G. and co, who I was happy to find out are also 
the creators of the birthday crown and the
sweet wish ticket

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


And I am talking about color again.  As usual, I am loving 
the cool minty blue. I picked up this SHEER vintage gem last week
and I must say it in the wrong hands it would be a disaster. 
Luckily, I found her and am continuing to love the soft neons and 
my always fave minty. 
With color in mind, I dusted off this sweet zip pouch tutorial...
though I mixed it up with some soft neon stencils and vintage giant 
ribbon. Fun fun!
Stencils from Stencil 1. Thanks Ame!
There's the mint!! Minty interior. 
And what would the minty blue melamine color be without
yet ANOTHER blue celebration cake appearance..

Happy birthday godmom Mary! and Happy Belated Megan!

Friday, April 9, 2010


Here's to hoping that we can all design something 
as cute as these H&M dresses in Organic! fabric
for $19.99(well, a few of them).  Really. 
Off to a shoporama... happy weekend!
Side note- I will post some info on the upcoming crafty 
class(April 24) on Monday to drum up some excitement for 
crafting in the name of yo mama. 
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