Friday, April 30, 2010

vintage love!

My terrible posting record for the last two weeks can only
be blamed on... work. ick! 
Although really, We can't complain, can we?
Furthermore, If I have to stare at this all day today, 
then you will too. 
Oh, sweet vintage texture....
My feel good/heart happy vintage view of the day is this 
killer vintage Valentino jacket. 
Insert subliminal message here: Mom's day?
This mostly makes me heart happy because it meshes with 
my current obsession with red and also reminds me of
my favoritest 28th birthday Valentino outfit, 
which I was only photographed in on one jolly 
occasion. Sigh.
Honestly, the only thing I love more than crochet is printed
crochet on silk. The best!
Here is my first stalker photo of the print...
when I was demanding that it be released from the 
mannequin, only to find that I had to get on a waiting 
list. Boo!
And here is a nice holiday action shot. Slip and all. 
And because it's Friday and everyone 
needs to have some fun at my expense...
That's right. Get back to work!!


  1. nerd alert! nerd alert!!! love the apron, the slip, the fab vintage items, and YOU. xoxox

  2. ah! love that jacket!! i hope you get it for Mom's day. ;)

  3. Cute pics love! And happy for the update! Sorry you're working your tail off! Xoxox

  4. thanks!! and, i am drowning in work over here!! help!


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