Tuesday, June 30, 2009

hello beautiful!

I have been on the Tord Boontje studio site for the last
hour and it is such an ornate, delicate dream.
I have seen the Boontje cute paper curtains at a few home
stores and they are lovely.. like giant hand cut paper
doilies. But, the studio site is full of other amazing products
and intricately cut mediums. Very inspiring.
The site needs some dreamy music to match the
beautiful blowing wind on the home page.
Be amazed..

Wool felt ground cover!(to, you know, run around in with
your tiered twirly skirt on)

I really need some of this in my life.
Buy yours at the MoMA store.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Friday!

Crabby finally found a home. I was forced to upholster him a 
little pillow for the sake of Father's Day. 
Have a good weekend. I am going to take a LONG drive. 

Thursday, June 25, 2009


The color of the day : yellow.
You know it must be summer when the summer squash
is golden enough to pluck.
Thanks to Marcia for this vintage yellow glass that she
is passing on to us.. another weekend, another
vintage treasure!
Happy Thursday people!
Let's get out of June with our sanity.
July will be sunny (I hope).

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer fun!


Just when things were getting too serious, seriously, I decided to take 
a little moment to find some shiny goodness on Etsy. It's been 
a while since Vintage tucks, elastic, and painted plastic have made
 me smile and I was so thrilled to pieces to find the adVintagous shop.
This shop has so much amazing randomness, that I was completely
satisfied and felt no need to visit any other shop. Victory!

Monday, June 22, 2009


Pretty photos from the Turk and Taylor SPR09 line.
Love the creepy abandoned carnival, love the wild
grasses, love the tailored simplicity, love that yellow.
love, love, love.
[happily discovered at notcouture]

even poor people can have fun!

Apparently, the hot news broke this morning on WWD that
Jimmy Choo is doing a line for H&M. The line will
debut on November 14th(a little late for the bday, tear)
with a limited Spring 10 collection. I feel excited.

A press shot of two new shoes for H&M

I was distraught earlier in the year when I could
not rationalize the over $1100 purchase of the super hot
Glenys shoe. The ads for this shoe made me extremely
desperate to the point of tearing them out and collecting them.
But there is new hope today.. perhaps some affordable cuteness
is in our future??

moving on

At long last, the littlest corn is now two and we can move
on to a new party planning extravaganza.
And so I leave you with some images of the beautiful flags
blowing in the breeze...

Friday, June 19, 2009

drumroll please

because we felt the message was important, in addition
to new excitement over our outstanding gardening,
this year party guests will squeal in delight as they take
their very own vegetable head picture.

In other news on this busy day, our succulent fountain is
blooming quite nicely

And a shout out to this new fixture in my office..
give him love people, he has been waiting 30 years in
a dusty box for his blog debut.
Have a good weekend!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A work in progress

The Flags are still in the to be continued photo folder, but they are
looking really cute. I love the scrappiness of the ripped
muslin ribbon. Then again, I would snuggle up with a
muslin teddy bear in muslin bed linens while
wearing muslin pajamas, if I could. I love muslin.
It's just easy.

Light of my life

Happy Birthday to the prettiest baby.

First harvest

So, our first crop was these beautiful peas.
Sauteed with a little butter, garlic, wine, lemon and topped
with some fresh mint from our garden. Delish.
This was my first time growing peas. Aside from an
occasional tendril I had to pull off of our Gardenia bush,
I rate this pea growing experience a ten.

fun fun

Knits are not always my passion, but this
Seneca Rising line is super smart and fresh. 
The fabric is paperweight. The tanks have oversized 
armholes. The placement screens are amazing
and the screen colors are such beautiful washed
out watercolors. Many reasons to swoon. 
Although, my number one fave thing about this brand
is the featherweight mesh.(bottom). I wish I could find
a better online image because this fabric is to die for 
in person. 
Apparently, this is their first line to hit stores?
Very exciting. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Just because you need some good old fashioned suspense in your life, 
let's not forget that the extremely sexy picture board from last year
will be getting a new friend this year. 
Stay tuned. 

Knee deep

This year's Ava celebration is this weekend and I am 
finishing up the decor. The same theme, which celebrates
Ava's love for the small plastic wind up toy, will apply. 

Here are last year's flags, which are now hanging in my office. 
They were so precious, but seriously difficult to unwind and store. 

So, this year's evolution of the flags is inspired by these beautiful 
Sophie Cuvelier flags, notice via OhJoy a couple of months ago. 
Great minds, I say. 
I think the felt is a fresh update and seems like it will store well for
my next 20 years of party giving, no?

And so, I am knee deep in felt flags of 10 different colors. Time to start 
sewing this masterpiece. 

Monday, June 15, 2009

Easy on the eyes

Fun daily art inspirations from Lawrence Yang on the 
Blow at life blogspot. I am loving reading cartoons
online lately, and he does a good go at it..
along with wonderful paintings and robots. 
Also, he calls himself a nerd, which I like. 
I am also a nerd. Yay for nerds. And, the
word NERD! 

This nerd is getting very crafty today. details later.

Friday, June 12, 2009


hold still! 
Sorry to butt drag on the happy weekend wishes, 
but I was busy today with these ladies, 
who arrived via snail mail from Canada land. 
Well suited for the windmill lamp, I'd say. 
Have a good one!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

look of the week, new love

I am a creature of habit and compulsion. Generally, I wear the
same look or piece or jewelry continuously until I tire of it. 
Lately, my look has morphed into something similar to this
Madewell look above(minus the crisp blazer prep factor).
J Brand indigo stretch denim, sloppily 
rolled, strappy sandals, and slim basic tee or tank. 
Note the evolution from the legging to the stretch denim and
from the oversized tee to the basic fitted. Üge development. 
Same strappy sandals and giant Bohac lurex scarf (that
has been the subject of teasing for years, due to my 
obsessive daily wearing) apply. 

The new love I am referring to is my new Bjorns gramps 
sweater from Ambiguous. The cutest thing ever and the 
only high point to this gloomy weather. I look forward to 
wearing it obsessively in the Fall. 
So let's dress alike for the moment, again. 

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