Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just in time!

I am thoroughly hurting from a night of no sleep/cowering under
the covers due to this super scary lightning storm. I'm a baby, I know. 
Look at the pictures! Scary stuff. 

Anyway, just as all hope for the day amounting to anything was 
nearly lost, these totally tacky and amazing lights arrived in the 
mail. Reminiscent of a dirty capital I-talian restaurant, 
these guys are going on our sassy new porch, amidst our new
and very abundant grape vines. cough. Contain your jealousy..
you can have them too. From Victorian Trading Company


  1. Yeah Grape lights! They are so awesome. Is two strings enough?

  2. pretty cheesy jaimee but i LOVE it!

  3. oh man. so super kitsch. can't wait to see what else you'll cook up for the porch!


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