Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Friday!

Now, to introduce what I know will be a fabulous
party accessory for our wedding/anniversary party..

I give you BLOOM!
Mine, of course, will be made
custom by Myra Kim to match my party attire.
Isn't bloom amazing!?
More on wedding attire on Monday.
Perhaps another round of which girl are you game
as it applies to parties? fun!
Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'll take all of it.

Um, just when I was eying our breakfast nook this morning,
shaking my head over what seems like a BIG job, I saw these on etsy.
We all know I love crochet. Crochet on the seat, on the wall,
cozying my drinks.
These nook beautifiers are all from the EmmaLamb shop.
Considering I do a 'crochet' search on etsy at least once
a month, I find EmmaLamb very mysterious.
That is part of the attraction. I am really starting to buy into the
crochet corner. I was going to base the kitchen with the vintage
yellow-y palette of the top left pillow in this first stack image, as well.

These cushions give me hope!

Diary of a Party Planner, part 1

And so it begins, the daily trials and tribulations of Party Planning.
This post is the first of many. Currently, I am working on the
table settings. I pulled this 'Pearbrook Farm' wedding
(as I call it... who lives on Pearbrook farm anyway? It is all too dreamy.)
feature out of the Martha Stewart weddings SPR08 magazine last
year.. and I just found it online. take a peek! Swoon-worthy.
This wedding is amazing. More on that later. I love the country
feel and the butcher paper tables with vintage printing.
We are also dying for the unmatched vintage chairs.. but, not sure
that is in the cards. sniff.

I am thrilled to pieces that Corra from the amazing Corrabelle shop
on etsy is willing to carve our art stamps for us! She has an amazing
style and I am so excited about our table settings. Too, she is doing
the table numbers, which, of course, means that I will not have
to embroider them.. and that is exciting!

In need of a fun stamp? Check out her shop.
She is the cutest!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Weekend is over!

But, you already knew that. The week is just starting
for me. I am loving some of the summer sales online.
Super cuteness on sale at Opening Ceremony.
Sort of looks like our Fourth of July leftovers.
Vintage-like Fun.
And, Opening Ceremony just opened a very kitsch-y
accessories store in LA and I am dying to find some pics.
Apparently, the 'Little House of Accessories' has
oversized food and animal display cases. yes!
Ooh.. found some. Amazing.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Weekend!!

Not to be a complete notcouture slave this week..
but I am a huge glasses lover and these are just Amazing.
One lense. One! lense.
[from Martin Margiela]
I fear that my days of extreme fashion are over, sadly.
I think wrinkles have something to do with it.
Have a good weekend!
I am off to SF for what will be a beautiful wedding;
I am sure of it.
Congrats Mary Pat!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

buzz buzz busy bee!

Sorry the blog love has lacked enthusiasm..
busy to work on a new Fall 10 line.
Of course, I am taking inspiration from all
my favorite internet nooks and crannies that I
have and will continue to plug shamelessly.

Can't wait to show off the final product!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

a little eye candy.

Some serious cuteness happening today
Super fun Spring fashions from Guy Baxter.
But, where is Fall? I'll be waiting.

Is it possible that Guy, too, fell in love with THIS?
Seriously, an uncanny resemblance. hee.

I am forever loving this seventies stewardess palette.
Spring, Summer, Fall.. whatever.

Monday, July 20, 2009

The saltiest tears

The photo booth was slightly hit or miss this year..

A shout out to Leonard from the
OC woodworkers who made this top
on site for the little one!
Such a treat!

a fair is a veritable smorgasbord

In the words of Templeton the rat from Charlotte's Web.
And, it is. This weekend we did a quick fair stop that
included fried zucchini( sorry, for the lack of excitement here),
livestock perusal, oohing and ahhing over the veggies( we are
such home farmers now), and of course, another trip to
the photo booth.
The Fair has lost a bit of its luster from its
'Some Pig' past, sadly.
I must say that these amazing images from Yee Haw
letterpress say it the best. Good humor is
essential for a good time at the fair and
surprisingly, Yee Haw has devoted a serious amount
of product to fair related goodies!
I totally missed Condi the singing gerbil.
Mule sniffing, anyone?

last years pics.

Many salty tears were experienced and witnessed.
I for one, cried many salty tears over being shoved
by literally each and every passerby -er.
Oh well.
This years fair pics coming soon under the title 'salty tears'.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Etsy love on Friday

What is the likelihood that every time you go
to a page, you see new, beautiful things?
I just love the allencompanyinc shop.
And, they got featured not to long ago!
Always my favorite..

Like a rainbow of vintage goodness! Have a good weekend!


The beauty of art is how you relate to it.. a song, an image.
A mixed media print/painting by artist Michele Maule was
featured today on the etsy homepage.
It was another image of a single plastic school chair and
it totally hooked me. Her style is darling (reminds me
of someone else I know - you know who you are) and
here images are clearly relatable.
I pulled up some pics from the archive to prove my point.

Am I the only one who sees a lone school chair in the corner
and thinks of time out? Am i the only one who actually has a
picture of myself in time out? Thanks mom.
Do other kids get time out(?), because I strongly feel that Ava
is headed in that direction from the looks of dance class.
This painting is titled 'You're Not Here'.
Oh, but I am.

This 'My Blue Boots' painting has a special place in
our hearts at this moment in time, seeing that
one member of the family wears stinky rain boots
on every day of the week. She just got a new more
wellie-looking pair, too, so more boots to come in the future.

Who can't relate to this?
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

sneak peak...part 2

So begins another month and a half of crafty goodness.
We finally received the pieces for our little anniversary party
invites and they look so awesome!

I am loving the muslin grain, the exposed threads, the pop of
coral, the capital I-talian country grass icon.
I have to assemble these this week. All pieces will be tucked
into a sweet dark red folder and sealed with the grass/date icon.
Excuse the whited out street address, Law and Order induced
paranoia made me do it!

A close up of the pencil lines and loose threads... even the folds
of the fabric made it on the page! woo hoo.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

back and tan

get it? I am back. And, though I would not really
classify myself as 'tan', I am definitely not opaque
anymore. phew.
And, while I should be thinking about warm weather,
having been surrounded by florals and skins only
for the last week plus, I am still obsessing over
sweaters and cardigans. Let's remember the
killer Bjorns sweater from before?
Well, these other new sweaters are giving me
much inspiration for Fall design..

The two monochromes are from Henrik Vibskov,
[via Oak NYC],
whose own V-store is very cute,
and the very Bjorns like sweater in the middle
if from the Gap Fall 09 line
I just love a good sweater. Can't wait to produce
some of my own.
I am expecting some thrilling mail this week,
so don't worry.. the tan will come out. In pictures.

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