Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Look of the week.

So.. with a strong demand for new woven and other fantastic
design ideas comes the compulsion to go ahead and dust off
the fun vintage wovens from the closet. These two were actually
slated to get taken in and were dug out of a bag next to the sewing
machine. My strong desire to wear and be inspired by them
trumped their need for a slight tailoring..
I was completely thrilled with this shirt yesterday. Every time I
caught a glimpse of myself I was smiling. The
rainbow mini plaid,
the accordion collar? AMAZING.
Note, too, that the ever popular wayfarers from last year
have been transformed into very hot spectacles.
Let's call today's shirt Sgt. Pepper and the Religious Sect Club Band.
The color is so wonderful.
You will have to excuse the lack of makeup, but that is part of the
weekly 'I'm a slave to the computer' look.
A big shout out to Meg, who was present for the purchases of both
of these sexy items. It was just a year ago this week we were
trying on vintage star spangled jumpers for the upcoming
Independence Day holiday..
note to anyone over five foot five inches tall:
a jumper is NOT for you.
And, in serious news, excuse the lovely spot on my nose, as
my formerly sun kissed nose was introduced to a bottle
of liquid nitrogen on Monday, due to a possible pre cancer spot!
Getting old is rough. New message/New look of the week
essential - sunscreen(they now make 70 spf).
Let's bring this blog back into the positive by getting excited about
this bag of vintage treasures found in my mom's garage...
20 beautiful sets of tri colored crochet flower coasters knitted
by my grandmother, Regina Kern, herself.
The colors are so seventies lovely. These guys are best shared
among family members in surprise care packages. But, I am loving
the big bunch of them as company.


  1. Sweet vintage goodness in the blog entry today! It is a good day indeed to see these colors.

  2. Love the shirts and the flowers remind me of my grandma's knitting!

  3. oh how i love a vintage woven! gotta dig out my own rainbow plaid for the rodeo tonite...yeeehaw!

  4. So cute- and you're so sexy in your pics! I feel very behind on your blog. My grandmother is sleeping in my "office" keeping my access limited to my computer!


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