Tuesday, June 29, 2010

button button

who wants a button? Uh, I am not super fancy and cannot
give you some HTML to paste into your blog, 
but I can give you pretty pictures in the perfect size?!
If you would be so inclined as to put a button on your blog, 
I would love you! and that's a promise. 
here is the link...http://splitusa.com/girls/ .
Now get busy a spreadin' the word!
It occurred to me yesterday, as I was buying my new 
unbroken teddy bear necklace, thanks AMY
that I have a swim photo shoot coming up and I 
NEED to have layers upon layers of 
Then after, I can do wonderful giveaways on the 
site! So, stay tuned for that. There may even be some extra 
for YOUR giveaway? hmm. 
Can we say 3" Large pendants with colored glaze!!
image from SODAbyAmy.
In other news, I am in a mild state of life crisis as we 
dropped our baby off this morning for her first day of 
I am counting the minutes til I pick her up. 
I really need to get a life!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

away we go.

Off to see trees in Yosemite! 

In the meantime... some video of 
Ava at Disneyland. 
Little kids are so darn cute. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


the terrarium got a little make over last weekend from Sweetie. 
Some of the original succys got a little large and 'expired'. 
I hope that Katie approves!!

Sadness... then Happiness!

ha. So, I am not usually a jewelry wearer aside from
my gold and diamante necklace and rings... kind of a creature
of habit and don't really stray from that. 
But. This little SODA ceramic guy has been seeing a lot of love lately. 
he kind of hides out and stays close to my skin and 
passively exists, but I love him. 
These necklaces are so thin and delicate like little wafers of 
goodness and I may be a negative ninny, because I often
dwell on just how delicate he is and how he could just snap in half
in one short moment. 
Well, that moment happened. I did it. I broke him in half, 
thus fulfilling my lame destruction prophecy. 
So, this is the 'sadness' part of the story, which did last a 
good five minutes. 
Until.. I finally found the maker of these wonderful gems on etsy
and Amy of SODAbyAmy is making me a new one. phew!
I know a teddy bear on a charm is a strange phenomenon, but something 
about this charm is so totally sweet and perfect. I love it. Did I say 
that already!? 
Anyway, this shop is such a killer resource for inexpensive and totally
wonderful gifts. 
all charms come in these cutest of bags!
she even makes these amazing wedding favor charms!
Now you know. And, I have given two of these as gifts..
so, if you received them, you know just how much I love them/you!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Here is my birthday party best. 
See more here

Monday, June 21, 2010

shell shock

Nine hours at Disneyland followed by three hours at dinner
followed by a 20 hour bday extravaganza followed by 
a boozy father's day brunch. phew!
I am just re-entering the real world. My reaction times are 
a little slow and basically a fresh blog entry is WAY out of 
my league right now. 
Luckily the beautiful Paige is not a slacker and posted 
some pics over the weekend! 
Love her in her orange. 
And here we are in the jumpy. I think it is impossible
to look cool in a jumpy. 
and that is why this photo sequence of paige in the jumpy is 
completely amazing! So effortlessly cool. 
All pics are by Paige from her blog.
Find out more about Paige and her great skirt there. 
Thanks so much for coming Paige! 
We loved hanging with you guys! Let's do it again 
without 60 people.

Friday, June 18, 2010

happy day!

It has been a very ava-centric week and it will end that way. 
Happy Birthday baby!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

craft workshop-bday edition

This is really the cutest darned birthday banner. 
Make your own with the aforementioned
Martha bday punch, some scissors, 
heavy cardstock in awesome colors(purchased from 
Michael's in the GASP scrapping section. yes.)
and a nice zig zag stitch. 
too easy!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

back to the grind

Sleepy is definitely becoming a way of life around here. 
And so, again, I give you the contents of my iphone. 
There were so many good moments.. music and century eggs
(don't ask - just google) and baby showers and tapas. 
But, somehow, I missed getting all of that on film. 
So my weekend will have to be summarized by 

very pink cake. 
vintage baby train... adorable. 
and nudity. 

A long week of birthday prep awaits.  Already exhausted. 

Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Weekend

from the new bday flag friends. 
off to sf!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

nautical knots

With all the bday and father's day hoopla, I had *almost* forgotten
about my favoritest upcoming holiday to dress up for. 
Ahem!! So, I have started the hunt for my best boatsman 
americana outfit to be super patriotic in. 
Too - I have already decided that I will be forcing nautical 
flags down people's throats next spring. 
Why am I a clothing designer if not to force people to 
get on board with my silly obsessions??!
Super cute prints, though.. right??
loving this dress..

And... all accessories nautical!!
1. shoes via floweronthewall
2. pinwheel earrings via krzy4btns. krazy. 
3. chain necklaces! via uncommonvintage.
4. nautical knots via vintageurbanrenewal.
5. cutest hairpin via pin pals.
Um, vintage Escada culottes MAY be in order. 
Let's all get festive!! Happy shopping! 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


What are we not doing today? hmm. 
Well, we are prepping the standard jaimee baby shower 
victorian baby pin game... this time starring 
the mom-to-be's other baby
Layla Broshear. 
Cats are so creepy. I love it!
Got my *NEW* couch fabric in yesterday..
from the Joel Dewberry ginseng fabric collection. 
And here is my progression on more banners/decor for the
3rd bday party. 
Going a little punch crazy over here. Basically, I am punching
till I tire, then I am going to sew these all together in one 
big cluster F. A colorful, beautiful cluster F. 
how cute is the Birthday punch. Oh, Martha. 
Although, I must tell you that you CANNOT punch more than 
one paper at a time. If you do... you will be sad. 
The culprits... 

The fab punches from Martha
May I add that the checker at Michael's revealed to me, 
while I was buying these, that she 'hates' Martha products. 
Despite my small snafu that ended with the bday handle breaking in 
half, I disagree! 
What I need, though, is punches that punch through fabric. 
Waiting for that invention. 

And now, some shots from the Balboa Island parade. whoot. 
Ava lasted an hour, which was a small miracle. 
Sweetie in the pink hat. 
The pink hat will always remind me of the time
at the pumpkin patch when  a grown man with a tweety bird tee shirt
tucked into his very high waisted jeans sarcastically said 
'nice hat.' Such a good moment. All moments related to that
hat are awesome. 

Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy Friday!

from me and my new high waisted shorts. 
Why? because I can. 
At least I can't wear jumpers. Oh, if I could...
bought from Ramona West
Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


 I am so in love with these Osborn shoes that I do not know what to 
do with myself. Coming off of my oxford high, still in love
with my Guatemalan batwing jacket, and day dreaming
about ankle booties for fall - I am so hooked on these shoes. 
Made in Guatemala and so distinct and amazing. 
Which ones do I choose!?

All images from Osborn shoes. 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


womp womp womp. All I have to offer is snapshots 
from the weekend. 
Ava got her early birthday present, mostly because 
I could not deal with the drama of another item 
on my checklist. 
Best is that we got them from the rink so they 
are super duper fancy with crazy fuzzy green boot covers
(inside) to keep them from getting scuffed!
Slept in them on the way home from the rink. 
While out and about, we went to the grower for some
new tree friends. We found some. And, I took
home the bonzai junipers in the vintage Santas too. 
How I love vintage Santa! yay me. 
There was an EXTREME level of planting 
happening this weekend.  We are running a plant 
grows bigger, gets transferred into a new pot 
every two weeks program around here. 
Some of the bigger planties got new permanent
homes this weekend. The 'side' garden has
wrapped around the corner. 
More pots. 
Friend breezed in and out. Brought
Cambodian luxuries...
And, there was some succulent replanting as well. 
Side note.. these new Paul Green 'Evony' sandals of mine
are making me kind of happy. They are like walking 
on big pillows! I highly recommend them!!
I know, quite the snoozefest. There were some fab 
parties and dinners in there. 
Perhaps I will have more to offer tomorrow. 
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