Tuesday, June 1, 2010


womp womp womp. All I have to offer is snapshots 
from the weekend. 
Ava got her early birthday present, mostly because 
I could not deal with the drama of another item 
on my checklist. 
Best is that we got them from the rink so they 
are super duper fancy with crazy fuzzy green boot covers
(inside) to keep them from getting scuffed!
Slept in them on the way home from the rink. 
While out and about, we went to the grower for some
new tree friends. We found some. And, I took
home the bonzai junipers in the vintage Santas too. 
How I love vintage Santa! yay me. 
There was an EXTREME level of planting 
happening this weekend.  We are running a plant 
grows bigger, gets transferred into a new pot 
every two weeks program around here. 
Some of the bigger planties got new permanent
homes this weekend. The 'side' garden has
wrapped around the corner. 
More pots. 
Friend breezed in and out. Brought
Cambodian luxuries...
And, there was some succulent replanting as well. 
Side note.. these new Paul Green 'Evony' sandals of mine
are making me kind of happy. They are like walking 
on big pillows! I highly recommend them!!
I know, quite the snoozefest. There were some fab 
parties and dinners in there. 
Perhaps I will have more to offer tomorrow. 


  1. loving those santa planters/mugs...good eye, good find! (shoes can stay tagline is hysterical.)


  2. Skates! I love the skate pics! Amazing!

  3. love love love the sandals!!! i need to get me a pair!


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