Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sadness... then Happiness!

ha. So, I am not usually a jewelry wearer aside from
my gold and diamante necklace and rings... kind of a creature
of habit and don't really stray from that. 
But. This little SODA ceramic guy has been seeing a lot of love lately. 
he kind of hides out and stays close to my skin and 
passively exists, but I love him. 
These necklaces are so thin and delicate like little wafers of 
goodness and I may be a negative ninny, because I often
dwell on just how delicate he is and how he could just snap in half
in one short moment. 
Well, that moment happened. I did it. I broke him in half, 
thus fulfilling my lame destruction prophecy. 
So, this is the 'sadness' part of the story, which did last a 
good five minutes. 
Until.. I finally found the maker of these wonderful gems on etsy
and Amy of SODAbyAmy is making me a new one. phew!
I know a teddy bear on a charm is a strange phenomenon, but something 
about this charm is so totally sweet and perfect. I love it. Did I say 
that already!? 
Anyway, this shop is such a killer resource for inexpensive and totally
wonderful gifts. 
all charms come in these cutest of bags!
she even makes these amazing wedding favor charms!
Now you know. And, I have given two of these as gifts..
so, if you received them, you know just how much I love them/you!!


  1. Oh I like those! Super cute!

  2. i am a creature of habit with the jewelry i wear as well.. too bad i collect watches and necklaces that i never wear! i just can't resist. tues is going to have an awesome time with it all when she is ready. i might have to add one of these to the collection!


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