Monday, June 21, 2010

shell shock

Nine hours at Disneyland followed by three hours at dinner
followed by a 20 hour bday extravaganza followed by 
a boozy father's day brunch. phew!
I am just re-entering the real world. My reaction times are 
a little slow and basically a fresh blog entry is WAY out of 
my league right now. 
Luckily the beautiful Paige is not a slacker and posted 
some pics over the weekend! 
Love her in her orange. 
And here we are in the jumpy. I think it is impossible
to look cool in a jumpy. 
and that is why this photo sequence of paige in the jumpy is 
completely amazing! So effortlessly cool. 
All pics are by Paige from her blog.
Find out more about Paige and her great skirt there. 
Thanks so much for coming Paige! 
We loved hanging with you guys! Let's do it again 
without 60 people.


  1. ahhhh! we had so much fun! i'm so glad we made it out. :)

    there are other pics of us in the jumpy, but i didn't want to go overboard. i can send you some!

    i'm glad you like the picture/wall hanging. :)

    and yes...either you guys come out here for dinner or we'll come back down there. anytime.


  2. looks like the party was so much fun! i hope there are more photos somewhere. yes?


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