Tuesday, June 8, 2010


What are we not doing today? hmm. 
Well, we are prepping the standard jaimee baby shower 
victorian baby pin game... this time starring 
the mom-to-be's other baby
Layla Broshear. 
Cats are so creepy. I love it!
Got my *NEW* couch fabric in yesterday..
from the Joel Dewberry ginseng fabric collection. 
And here is my progression on more banners/decor for the
3rd bday party. 
Going a little punch crazy over here. Basically, I am punching
till I tire, then I am going to sew these all together in one 
big cluster F. A colorful, beautiful cluster F. 
how cute is the Birthday punch. Oh, Martha. 
Although, I must tell you that you CANNOT punch more than 
one paper at a time. If you do... you will be sad. 
The culprits... 

The fab punches from Martha
May I add that the checker at Michael's revealed to me, 
while I was buying these, that she 'hates' Martha products. 
Despite my small snafu that ended with the bday handle breaking in 
half, I disagree! 
What I need, though, is punches that punch through fabric. 
Waiting for that invention. 

And now, some shots from the Balboa Island parade. whoot. 
Ava lasted an hour, which was a small miracle. 
Sweetie in the pink hat. 
The pink hat will always remind me of the time
at the pumpkin patch when  a grown man with a tweety bird tee shirt
tucked into his very high waisted jeans sarcastically said 
'nice hat.' Such a good moment. All moments related to that
hat are awesome. 


  1. HA! all of this was amazing!

  2. Awesome pics! And your craftiness astounds.


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