Tuesday, June 29, 2010

button button

who wants a button? Uh, I am not super fancy and cannot
give you some HTML to paste into your blog, 
but I can give you pretty pictures in the perfect size?!
If you would be so inclined as to put a button on your blog, 
I would love you! and that's a promise. 
here is the link...http://splitusa.com/girls/ .
Now get busy a spreadin' the word!
It occurred to me yesterday, as I was buying my new 
unbroken teddy bear necklace, thanks AMY
that I have a swim photo shoot coming up and I 
NEED to have layers upon layers of 
Then after, I can do wonderful giveaways on the 
site! So, stay tuned for that. There may even be some extra 
for YOUR giveaway? hmm. 
Can we say 3" Large pendants with colored glaze!!
image from SODAbyAmy.
In other news, I am in a mild state of life crisis as we 
dropped our baby off this morning for her first day of 
I am counting the minutes til I pick her up. 
I really need to get a life!


  1. alright. check me out. i'm badged. i think that if you put up a badge, you get entered into a contest to win a necklace!

  2. Um yes yes yes! On the clothes, necks and button thing as soon as I get to my computer! OMG - pre-school!!!! How did it go? How did you both do????? Xoxo

  3. not quite sure how to do this...but i will, if you tell me how :)

  4. here's how... go to 'design' in the upper corner. at the top right of the design window select 'go back to blogger'. there is a box on the right that says 'add gadget'. you 'add a picture' and put the link in the link box. easy, right?


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