Monday, August 31, 2009

get crabby!

It's crabby time!
If you like the crafty nonsense
on this blog and you live in the
San Diego area( yes, I am looking
at you Orange County),
come and let me teach you how
to express your fantastic vision
with a fun stitch-able medium!

I will be doing three DIY classes at
the UCSD campus in the fall.

10/17 will be an eco sewing class,
where we will learn the sewing basics
while sewing a farmer's market bag
made of all natural fabrics and screen prints.

10/24 will be an intro to knitting and
knit gift giving for the upcoming holidays.

11/14 and 11/21 will be a 2 part series,
where we learn to embroider and make a
few embroidered holiday gifts with some
light sewing. Embroidery is definitely
my specialty and a totally amazing skill.

You can do all three classes for 75$.
What a steal!
and if you are not a UCSD student or
alumni, please let me know you
want to take a class and I will
put you on a list!

let your crab out! And, make some
cute Christmas gifties!


Thursday and Friday was the Class trade show in
Santa Monica. Ambiguous was there in all of its glory
along with many other hip brands.. including Tom's shoes,
which I did not see, which is too bad, as I would have stepped
up my shmoozing game if it meant getting some fun
shoe give aways? Instead, I felt about as awkward as a
fourteen year old and kept on the move.
They had a really cute lounge set up at the show,
featuring the floral excellence of Venice shop
I was in love with these driftwood creations..
who brought the sixth grade diorama sponge
back into the spotlight.

Big Red Sun also offers amazing landscaping/
pool creations. The pools are incredible..
dying over them.
Who doesn't have a thing for the succulent ball?
[all images via]

Friday, August 28, 2009

happy weekend!!

Team fun has rallied some great party pics.
Have a good weekend!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

sweetie love

The sweeties plural were lucky enough to have a run in
this weekend with the great Susie ( I think she can
actually make herself disappear).
Susie hand picked us a super special anniversary present
from Timeless Treasures in San Francisco.
For any stranger to this store, they sell tons of reclaimed
letters and other 'treasures'. And, they have a super sweet
blog, where the shop owner describes her customers and
their special selections.

[photos via culturalfotographia]

Look at this place! What a vintage inspiration.
Too, the shop's owner declares on her blog that if you see something
in a photo, or desire something special, she can put it together
for you. To see a slide show of the establishment click here.
Or, simply go to her blog above.
What would you write on your wall?

These are our sweet new friends. Aren't we lucky?
Thanks Susie!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

good times

After a few fine spa days in SF, we are back.
Thanks to all for an amazing party.
Wonderful pictures and new found fun to share.
Stay tuned!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

to sweetie

Happy Anniversary!
I think these pins Amy found
really say it all...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Found : Signature party drinks.

I give you two fabulous party cocktails :
the Cucumber Tangerine Fizz
the Thyme Lemonade Martini...

Cucumber Tangerine Fizz

Thyme Lemonade Martini.

Let's examine the science behind both of these fantastic drinks.
I am quite proud of myself, as scientific experimentation was never
my strong point. So, let me walk you through this madness.
Then, all of you teary eyed out-of-towners who are not attending
this 'Lovefest', as we call it around these parts,
can live the signature drink experience as well.

The Cucumber Tangerine Fizz -
The journey to the CTF began with a trip to the Hedonia blog,
where we learned that the most delicious vodka infusion that these two
gentlemen had ever experienced was the cucumber infusion.
So, we immediately started infusing cucumber vodka.
For each 3 liters of vodka, we used 12 cucumbers, peeled and sliced in
simple rounds. We layered them into a glass jar poured in the vodka and
placed the jar in the fridge. It has been about 5 days now, and the flavor
gets better each day.
So next the question..what to pair with the light deliciousness of the
cucumber vodka. Cue Agrumi Italian Soda in Tangerine flavor.
Italian soda is delicious. Tangerines are delicious. And the soda
nicely compliments the subtle flavors of the vodka.
So the entire recipe is two parts soda, one part cucumber vodka,
a twist of lime, and cucumber ribbon garnish.
Too, I went ahead and added sugar rimmer to both of these drinks,
but it is completely optional.

The Thyme Lemonade Martini -
with a few twists.
Unfortunately, if you do not have a juicer, this may not be the recipe for you.
We found the fresh squeezed lemonade to be VERY very tart. Too,
there is the problem of the vodka amount varying from glass to glass.
We can't have that. So, we are making this lemonade a martini.
We start by mixing the lemonade and not adding the vodka.. but, keeping
the lemonade aside as a key martini element.
Then, we add a little soda water or Pellegrino to mellow out the lemonade
and give it a little kick.
So the final recipe ends up being one part MS thyme lemonade(without vodka),
one part vodka, and one part soda.
This makes a nice light lemony friend. Garnish with a sprig of thyme
and the sugar rimmer, if desired.
The thyme really comes out in this one. Delicious.

If anyone was hoping a mantini was going to make it on
the menu, I apologize. For you - Please find your recipe
for bacon infused vodka here.

Otherwise, can't wait to drink a few of these.. they are dangerous!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Like candy.

I somehow got lost in the PBS Supremes special
yesterday and I ended up completely inspired by
the AMAZING fashions of the Supremes.
These hot orange pantsuits had me completely salivating,
although this picture does not do them justice.
In case you are a fan of pirated asian movies,
I do have a You Tube clip that some odd fellow
took while watching this very 1969 'Someday We'll be Together'
performance. A little on the budget side,
but so worth it to see these outfits and a fifteen
chandelier backdrop in person.

How incredible are these outfits? Multiplied times three
is way too much excitement for me to handle.
And, these ladies have a serious love of the color orange,
mirrors, chandeliers and anything else that looks
like it came from my sister's Barbie mansion.
1969 clearly rocked.

Images from the Victor and Albert museum.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Those yellow gloves again.
Yellow gloves are over the top and I like it.
Take these,weekend!
This time VIA rabbitsnyc.

yes yes and yes

We are saving the best for last here... and my most favorite of
all colors is blue, people.
Time to enlarge the browser window!
And, reminder to the wearer: dressing monochromatically
does include undergarments!

Blue beats to a different drum. Blue is daring, fashionable,
and completely quirky.
I am so excited to be wearing blue to the party!
Woo hoo for blue.
If you have any declarations of love for blue, you may leave them here.
[blue drumroll : clockwise from the top 1. sweet blue vintage

Happy weekend!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Diary of a Party Planner, part 2

Some serious DYI happening here...
The name cards are looking at completion.
I opted to crop them and attach them to something
super secret and fantastic. Thanks to Meghan
for taking care of business while I cook
and calm myself down.

I'm sure the kids will be delighted when they see they are at the
'kitchen table'.. still A table, after all.

Here is one of the sassiest table numbers you have ever seen.
Pure rustic beauty, and a fantastic use for the leftover
invite cards. A little hand embroidery, a few loose machine
threads, a few pencil lines and we are looking sweet.
Tomorrow my task is beginning the vodka infusion project,
which will conclude with the creation of 2 amazing signature
party drinks. This will be exciting.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Never gets old

The timeless beauty of bras printed on tee shirts..
Say hello to another amazing Brooklyn discovery
from Sweetie.

Don't play hard to get.. we can see your bra!

Totally awesome fashions from seasickmama.

It is easy

to be green.
Let's continue
My Exploration of a rainbow of colors:
For the love all things
flamboyantly fabulous.

Captivating title, right?
Next up : the super hero of colors,
miss exotically organic?, green.

Green is very rare and expensive.. extremely classy.
Yet, she becomes completely accessible as she pairs with
yellow for the complete awesome package that is DISCO green.
For others, green is a sexy jewel tone.
But, for me, its green's tacky side, represented best by the serious
emerald color of the ever-so-classy creme de menthe liqueur,
that holds a little place in my heart.
I have spent long hours fashioning deserts in bright green color.
Green is fabulously festive. Nothing earthy about it.

[ go green! clockwise from top 1. minty dress 2. secretary dress

Friday, August 7, 2009

fun friday

I was lucky enough to be on the receiving end of
this beautiful originally crafted watercolor last night
that was picked up by Sweetie over the weekend
in Brooklyn. I am a little jealous that Sweetie
was able to experience its creator, Billy Hahn,
first hand. Totally my cup of tea.
Billy Hahn, in all of his eclectic hotness, is fancy..
he has a website. We can all experience him.

This is our new family pet : 5 eyed 3 eared lady pig cow.
Yes, that's her name. She is hot.

'Bird Slug'

'Unicorn Dino Turtle'

'Flying Narwhal Bunny Horse.'

I told you he was my cup of tea.
Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

ode to pink(again)

Beautiful Pink!
As hokey and uncool as my design school journal
was at times, it definitely looked
amazing, covered in neon pink lace that
was purchased on super sale from Yardagetown.

Inside the front covers are photo copies of an
amazing Vogue editorial of Madonna from the
80s. I still think these pictures are so fun and beautiful,
and they continue to inspire me.
They couldn't have done it it without you, Pink.

Look at the pink glow!

hello sunshine!

Although friend has already been declared the winner in the yellow
category, I will continue my summations of each color profile.
Next up, yellow. Yellow is very fun and exciting. We are really taking
it up a notch today. I am feeling a bit bad about the
mediocre homage paid to the color pink yesterday. Not to worry..
I think I have a solution. That is up next.
Now for some YELLOW! I would be lying if I said that this entire
collage did not revolve around the AMAZING yellow driving
gloves. Friend.. please, oh please?

Yellow is easy going, fun, and happy. Pretty delightful, really.
Yellow can be sexy and sassy, too, if just for the fact that it can
make you look like a bronze goddess, regardless of your complexion.
(or am I fooling my milky self?)
Yellow had better bring it come August 22nd.
Are you a yellow? I think this may be MY color. I'm easy going,


[buy yellow!: clockwise from top..1. slip dress 1. from jcrew
2. neon headband from jcrew 3. lacy vintage from adVintageous
4. beady vintage number from thegreedyseagull 5. tiered gauze
dress from anthropologie 6. AMAZING gloves from
vintageinbohemia 7. peep toe flats from anthropologie
8. to die for luggage from jcrew 9.80s prom from persephonevintage
10. beautiful shoes from allencompanyinc
11. killer bangle from luc kieffer on shopbop
12. slip dress 2 from jcrew 13. bikini top from jcrew
14. printed tank from anthropologie 15. neon heels
from giuseppe zanotti on shopbop
16. necklace from jcrew 17. skirt from retrolabs
18. dress from ninthavenuevintage 19. bag from thevintagecloset
20. initial necklaces from anthropologie
21. POOF! from jcrew.
now go get your yellow on!]
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