Monday, August 10, 2009

Never gets old

The timeless beauty of bras printed on tee shirts..
Say hello to another amazing Brooklyn discovery
from Sweetie.

Don't play hard to get.. we can see your bra!

Totally awesome fashions from seasickmama.


  1. okay. i need to know who Sweetie is.

  2. um, hello! sweetie is none other than my sweetie!
    what nickname are we calling your zygote these days?

  3. This is a funny exchange of comments. Cute tees. I think it would go well with my baby bump.

  4. what the hell, jaimee. do i need to whip out my detective hat and magnifying glass? go go gadget smack down? out with a name!!

    and little zygote.. idk. baby mardi gras? we don't have a nickname yet, so feel free to name away.


  5. I would LOVE to see you in a detective hat! Sweetie = my HUSBAND!
    A Louisiana name is definitely in order for the zygote. Let me think.


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