Monday, August 31, 2009


Thursday and Friday was the Class trade show in
Santa Monica. Ambiguous was there in all of its glory
along with many other hip brands.. including Tom's shoes,
which I did not see, which is too bad, as I would have stepped
up my shmoozing game if it meant getting some fun
shoe give aways? Instead, I felt about as awkward as a
fourteen year old and kept on the move.
They had a really cute lounge set up at the show,
featuring the floral excellence of Venice shop
I was in love with these driftwood creations..
who brought the sixth grade diorama sponge
back into the spotlight.

Big Red Sun also offers amazing landscaping/
pool creations. The pools are incredible..
dying over them.
Who doesn't have a thing for the succulent ball?
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  1. It was so fun having you guys up here! I think Big Red Sun rocks- we always drive by it and think it looks so amazing. We're back from NYC! Ben says thanks for the bday message! In-laws come on Wednesday- but let's try and figure out a time to hang out. xoxo

  2. ok. let's do it. thanks for coming to our rescue so that we did not eat any mediocre food! phew!

  3. succulent balls
    these are cool --
    are there any edible succulents? ask Ava


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