Monday, August 10, 2009

It is easy

to be green.
Let's continue
My Exploration of a rainbow of colors:
For the love all things
flamboyantly fabulous.

Captivating title, right?
Next up : the super hero of colors,
miss exotically organic?, green.

Green is very rare and expensive.. extremely classy.
Yet, she becomes completely accessible as she pairs with
yellow for the complete awesome package that is DISCO green.
For others, green is a sexy jewel tone.
But, for me, its green's tacky side, represented best by the serious
emerald color of the ever-so-classy creme de menthe liqueur,
that holds a little place in my heart.
I have spent long hours fashioning deserts in bright green color.
Green is fabulously festive. Nothing earthy about it.

[ go green! clockwise from top 1. minty dress 2. secretary dress

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