Monday, August 31, 2009

get crabby!

It's crabby time!
If you like the crafty nonsense
on this blog and you live in the
San Diego area( yes, I am looking
at you Orange County),
come and let me teach you how
to express your fantastic vision
with a fun stitch-able medium!

I will be doing three DIY classes at
the UCSD campus in the fall.

10/17 will be an eco sewing class,
where we will learn the sewing basics
while sewing a farmer's market bag
made of all natural fabrics and screen prints.

10/24 will be an intro to knitting and
knit gift giving for the upcoming holidays.

11/14 and 11/21 will be a 2 part series,
where we learn to embroider and make a
few embroidered holiday gifts with some
light sewing. Embroidery is definitely
my specialty and a totally amazing skill.

You can do all three classes for 75$.
What a steal!
and if you are not a UCSD student or
alumni, please let me know you
want to take a class and I will
put you on a list!

let your crab out! And, make some
cute Christmas gifties!


  1. I love that you are doing this- I just wish you were doing it in LA.

  2. i would TOTALLY attend ALL sessions!!!! but alas.......maybe in another lifetime?!!! xxoxoox

  3. DANG IT! Why do you have to be doing this in San Diego of all the dang places!! I'll just have to hire you for private embroidery/knitting classes!

  4. laurent is on a comment streak.


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