Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Blushing bridesmaids?

So, although I am not really into all of the conformity of the
pre established laws of the bridezilla wedding,
I am thrilled to have these amazing wedding party plastic
figurines on my blue tiered susie cake for the
anniversary/wedding party.
They arrived yesterday and they are even more fantastic in person.
They seem larger than life, I know, but they are just wee little people,
standing about 1 1/2" high.
Love them.. thank you Natalie!

And, these little ladies inspired me to force my friends to wear
beautiful monochromatic outfits in the colors of the vintage
rainbow. hee. There has been much back and forth discussion,
and much excitement concerning the yellow, green, and blue colors?

Our lady pink is not getting the attention she deserves.
Let's kick off a color by color analysis with miss Pink.
Perhaps we can stir up some enthusiasm here...

It's true Miss Lady Pink will never be known as Madame.
She is very youthful and flirty and really puts herself out there.
Maybe she is to girly, or reminds you too much of a decade past?
She really knows how to resurrect the poofy prom better
than any other color and is seriously sweet.
Who will step up and be our pink lady?

[ via - clockwise from top : pink bow shoes, pretty pink moccasins,


  1. i would TOTALLY step up to the pink lady role. but...alas. i will have to be there in spirit only. (waaaaaah)

  2. of course you would! and, with that new oregon tan, you would rock it!
    we are going to miss you! i will hold hope of a last minute acceptance.

  3. sorry i can't bring myself to do pink.. that green on the other hand, that green is calling my name.

  4. Sweetie you assigned me to orange- but I'll rock pink if you'd prefer? I'm fine in whatever! I'll also be big in whatever...


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