Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Diary of a Party Planner, part 2

Some serious DYI happening here...
The name cards are looking at completion.
I opted to crop them and attach them to something
super secret and fantastic. Thanks to Meghan
for taking care of business while I cook
and calm myself down.

I'm sure the kids will be delighted when they see they are at the
'kitchen table'.. still A table, after all.

Here is one of the sassiest table numbers you have ever seen.
Pure rustic beauty, and a fantastic use for the leftover
invite cards. A little hand embroidery, a few loose machine
threads, a few pencil lines and we are looking sweet.
Tomorrow my task is beginning the vodka infusion project,
which will conclude with the creation of 2 amazing signature
party drinks. This will be exciting.


  1. Wow. This party is going to be the tops! I can't wait to be part of such a swinging shin-dig! Let me know if I can do anything other than wear orange and look big!


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