Friday, January 29, 2010


That's right!
Cookie Time means one thing and only one thing. 
'Cookie Time' is an anthem for snack lovers everywhere. 
Thanks to my friend Yance/Lance/Pance for making it 
clear that it is not only me who completely loves 

To the unfamiliar : the movie is Troop Beverly Hills
I have been hoping for some occasion to arise where
I can costume myself as Phyllis Nefler, but no such 
occasion has arisen. 
So, I have put together a vintage 'Nefler' look
and may have to resort to wearing it to 
the party I will undoubtedly throw once my 
GS cookies arrive..

Channel you inner Nefler!
1.) The Pheasant feather hat via throbackvintage
2.) The most amazing vintage 70's Valentino Cape via fabgabs.
So perfectly Nefler. 
3.) Wilderness girls uni reborn via bluberrydeluxe.
4.) Golden snake belt via platpivintage.
5.) Power pumps of gold via revolvingstyles.
6.) Mix it up with a scarf set via entwife

And we can always go the hybrid Nefler route by incorporating 
some of this...
[necklace via forestfawn and headdress via native arts training.]

Nailed it!
I love cookie time. 

Thursday, January 28, 2010

love love

It is really amazing how affordable cute shoes are getting!
This is why I love Jeffrey Campbell

'Mary Rocks' at the Need Supply Co. for $118!
[Seen on Notcouture - so good for little surprises]
i am a sucker for affordability. 
Remember THESE?


Sing with me..
Remember when kids toys were sweet and thoughtful?
Remember when Holly Hobbie was enough for us?
For arguments sake, I am going to pretend that Holly 
Hobbie did not get a 21st century make over - she did- and get 
super sentimental about my Holly Hobbie memories. 
Look how sweet she is. So, maybe she is a little 
Litte House on the Prairie but I love her muddled 
watercolors and her mixing of prints.  
I think I have officially hit old lady status for liking Holly
Hobbie so much. 

My mom pulled these old wash towels out of the cupboard 
and I think they are just the sweetest things. 
So, last night I began the Holly Hobbie revival with a
set of dish towels. 

Holly got a slight boho update. 

These towels have a sweet swiss dot and 
a cute crochet border which is brown and 
completely lost in this photo. 

Is it mean for me to subject an embroidery class to 
my Holly Hobbie sentimentality? No? Ok!

On a side note... I bought some hombre thread that I am just loving. 
It is so pretty to look at. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

get some valentines day love!

Ok, so i finally created an etsy shop.. i will put the link up 
asap on the blog. I have been pretty busy, 
so unfortunately I only have this sweet little guy up there at 
the moment. But, he is sexy and romantic enough
to stand his own. I will probably be able to do
 ten only by the big day of love
.. so get them while you can! A total steal for 25 bucks. 
I will be adding stuff daily.. when I get a moment( this week the
2 year old has started an amazing 'napless' schedule).

Buy something sweet for your sweetie!
A tutorial to come by weeks end!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Small Time

Finally circling back to the finishing touches on
all of the recent works in progress..
I am currently crafting some sweet vday doily love. 
These doilies will stay beautiful forever.. 
like your love. right?

Thinking about peddling some of my leftover creations 
under a name that really describes this operation. 
Details later.

Embroidered mini 3" doily ring with hand stained
loop and hand dyed fabric backing. 

Nutkins finally got himself a new shiny loop, too. 

And Tuesday can finally relax and be born already, 
knowing that her Narwal friend will be waiting for her. 

with mustache!

I will get up a shop asap. 
Show us some love!
And, tutorials to follow for the upcoming classes. 

Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy weekend!!

So this was me last night at the old roller rink. 
I was a glamazon in brown rental skates. 
(seriously, though, I was about 6'3").

Images from Preen, who did have some excellent custom spiked
skates available back in 2008. 
My history with Roller skates goes way back. In fact, just last week, 
before the So. Cal tornado water spout, I pulled these out of 
a box in my garage. It's amazing that my mom was willing to 
give these up. I do have a video of me trying them out, 
but blogs are about looking good. So, naturally, they will not be 
making an appearance. I leave you with a picture so your imagination
can run wild.. make sure you include wild swinging arms and 
an awkward scooting motion in your mental picture. 

Here is a video of me circa 1983 in the same skates but smaller.
This is my first video post, so let's hope it goes smoothly. 

On a side note, last night the two year old skated for the first time
and I wouldn't even allow her tush to hit the ground.
It would appear that my parents took the 'tough love' approach?
We did see some giant sized roller girls on the way out and 
their outfits were amazing. 

Embroidery pattern from Sublime Stitching.  

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The wait is over!

I have been patiently waiting to find some new-vintage 
oxfords since the summer. 
A lover of pastels in the winter, I was sad to find that 
these were not my size. 

I dreamed about them. I sketched them into lines of clothing. 
I waited patiently until a new pair in my elephant size 9 showed up. 
But it became clear that a pair of size 9 vintage oxfords was not going
to show up this season. 

So, I decided that I would go get a new new
 pair yesterday at Bloomies. 
Bloomies has a lot to offer in the oxford department...

from Bloch

After looking online, I decided that I would look
 for this pair when I went into
 the store. But, then I forgot what I had decided and ended
 up trying on five pairs instead. 
And.. my favorite were these bad boys. 

But in this  already dirtied color...

Yay me! It's life transformation time.. new shoes, getting my 
hair did and I worked out yesterday(yes). 

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ella ella eh eh eh

For miss Tuesday, I construct a 3D Narwal 
with giant umbrella to keep out this crazy rain. 
Considering we are on Tornado watch 2010... 
Crafting is keeping me going. If you have no 
idea what a Narwal is you obviously are not completely
bombarded by kids and their animal alphabets, or 
you have not seen Elf.  nice clip. 
A narwal is a Horned whale of the Arctic, 
who can be pretty darn cute and artsy. 

This Narwhal needs spots and perhaps something else. 
Reading glasses? hmm. 
He is on his way with his goldenrod floral 
print horn. 

And his tie dye umbrella. 

Perhaps a mustache?! How sneaky and sinister!

This Narwal is smart and sarcastic. From dwelldeep

Thursday, January 14, 2010

In zee mood

I just found a stack of my great grandmother's doilies in our
garage and I am instantly obsessed with their intricacy. 
My new plan is to do some copycat doilies/crochet
patterned embroideries. 

First attempt is the Vday heart doily. 
I am really liking the doily this year as a Vday 
expression. I will run with it.

Doily themed clothing is a little off.. but yes to the
idea of doily themed earrings. 

from taylerxc
So, a doily themed Valentines holiday is born. 


Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I love this palette and these prints 
are so soft and sweet. A subtle calm in the 
middle of the other crazy brights in Spring. 
Aah. Between looking at this line and sipping tea, 
(trying to quit coffee - slightly)
I am feeling less anxious. For now. 

From Calla Haynes Spring Summer 10.
Perhaps puffy hair and a camera filter are the answers. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


January is feeling a bit cold and slow..
working away at some craftiness. 
Getting caught up on my Squirrel Nutkin
Squirrel Nutkin is one of Beatrix Potter's lesser 
known characters and I am loving him...
loving the tude, the dancing and his owl friend. 
See.. the tude.

Surprise blue print in the light..

squirrely tail. 
Squirrels are generally too campy to be truly cute. 
But, here are some other super serious squirrels. 

Head honcho squirrel

In the squirrel club with a squirrel button. 

Just in case you thought it was at all reasonable to hold a 
fancy squirrel clutch. 
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