Wednesday, January 27, 2010

get some valentines day love!

Ok, so i finally created an etsy shop.. i will put the link up 
asap on the blog. I have been pretty busy, 
so unfortunately I only have this sweet little guy up there at 
the moment. But, he is sexy and romantic enough
to stand his own. I will probably be able to do
 ten only by the big day of love
.. so get them while you can! A total steal for 25 bucks. 
I will be adding stuff daily.. when I get a moment( this week the
2 year old has started an amazing 'napless' schedule).

Buy something sweet for your sweetie!
A tutorial to come by weeks end!


  1. so cute!!! they turned out really well. and I like the stained hoops

  2. good work jme, but what does one do with the heart on the material? Does one sew it onto a pillow . Please advise. For $25 I need guidance.

  3. one leaves it on the hoop and mounts it on the wall...

  4. up your prices, honey. i saw something similar to these this weekend.. 'cept they were letters, not hearts... for sale in an sf boutique for $75! hello. i wanted but i dare not purchase.

  5. i know...trying to generate some business!
    ha - i need to put some more stuff in there...


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