Thursday, January 28, 2010


Sing with me..
Remember when kids toys were sweet and thoughtful?
Remember when Holly Hobbie was enough for us?
For arguments sake, I am going to pretend that Holly 
Hobbie did not get a 21st century make over - she did- and get 
super sentimental about my Holly Hobbie memories. 
Look how sweet she is. So, maybe she is a little 
Litte House on the Prairie but I love her muddled 
watercolors and her mixing of prints.  
I think I have officially hit old lady status for liking Holly
Hobbie so much. 

My mom pulled these old wash towels out of the cupboard 
and I think they are just the sweetest things. 
So, last night I began the Holly Hobbie revival with a
set of dish towels. 

Holly got a slight boho update. 

These towels have a sweet swiss dot and 
a cute crochet border which is brown and 
completely lost in this photo. 

Is it mean for me to subject an embroidery class to 
my Holly Hobbie sentimentality? No? Ok!

On a side note... I bought some hombre thread that I am just loving. 
It is so pretty to look at. 

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