Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Small Time

Finally circling back to the finishing touches on
all of the recent works in progress..
I am currently crafting some sweet vday doily love. 
These doilies will stay beautiful forever.. 
like your love. right?

Thinking about peddling some of my leftover creations 
under a name that really describes this operation. 
Details later.

Embroidered mini 3" doily ring with hand stained
loop and hand dyed fabric backing. 

Nutkins finally got himself a new shiny loop, too. 

And Tuesday can finally relax and be born already, 
knowing that her Narwal friend will be waiting for her. 

with mustache!

I will get up a shop asap. 
Show us some love!
And, tutorials to follow for the upcoming classes. 


  1. Oh Mr. Narwhal. You are going to be Tuesday's favorite!!

  2. Tuesday is my friend Jocelyn's baby who has yet to make an appearance.


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