Thursday, January 14, 2010

In zee mood

I just found a stack of my great grandmother's doilies in our
garage and I am instantly obsessed with their intricacy. 
My new plan is to do some copycat doilies/crochet
patterned embroideries. 

First attempt is the Vday heart doily. 
I am really liking the doily this year as a Vday 
expression. I will run with it.

Doily themed clothing is a little off.. but yes to the
idea of doily themed earrings. 

from taylerxc
So, a doily themed Valentines holiday is born. 



  1. Doilie is a weird word. They look like lots of hard work is behind them. Lots of toiling. They should be called toilies. From now on that's what I'll call them.

  2. make me a doilie earrings!!!! i love it


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