Tuesday, January 12, 2010


January is feeling a bit cold and slow..
working away at some craftiness. 
Getting caught up on my Squirrel Nutkin
Squirrel Nutkin is one of Beatrix Potter's lesser 
known characters and I am loving him...
loving the tude, the dancing and his owl friend. 
See.. the tude.

Surprise blue print in the light..

squirrely tail. 
Squirrels are generally too campy to be truly cute. 
But, here are some other super serious squirrels. 

Head honcho squirrel

In the squirrel club with a squirrel button. 

Just in case you thought it was at all reasonable to hold a 
fancy squirrel clutch. 


  1. how did you stitch the tail??!! i want to do one for practice!! haa. that looks really good jaim

  2. Squirrel nutkins has an awesome attitude - let's run with that. Ripley will be very happy. She will appreciate it in her later years...

  3. I totally read Squirrel Nutkin to Lucy last night!


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