Monday, May 3, 2010

wait a minute!

Ok, so I already made many excuses for the 
mediocrity of my 'hand painting' on the 
dish towel craft. Well, I am proud to say that 
I made some more towels this weekend, for the sake of 
care packages, of course, and I have fine tuned 
the painting.
 Phew! I was really feeling bad about that. 
So, worry not, I will amend the original instructions 
and we can all sleep better tonight. 

First of all, instead of rummaging around in my office for
crochet, I actually went and bought some biggie 
crochets that made me exponentially
 more happy than the first 1/4" crochet.
Although, keep in mind if you want to use biggie crochet...
you MUST zig zag the ends considerably before sewing
it down to your towel. Also, heavy drying is no bueno. 
So begins the amending of the original 
smoke I was blowing. 
**First of all, I completely lied when 
I said that I used a brush to brush on the paint
 with the stencils. I use the brush with 
the rubber stamps all the time. I was having a midnight 
brain fart. The reason my stencils looked so fab in the first 
place was because I used a black sponge paint brush. 
You can see I switched up the colors too.
**AND! I found a way better fabric paint that I was 
very pleased with that dried and brushed on 
so flat and MATTE! We love matte. 
The culprit - tulip 'soft' fabric paint. find it here
The other thing that is so totally great about this 
paint, is that it comes in a four pack of soft
neon, pink, blue and green. 
It is like a small miracle when any producer of craft items
actually does it right, so I am very excited about this paint. 
Matte, flat, and soft neons? yes, yes, yes.
**Another thing that may be problematic about the
towel tutorial is all of the choices. I think that 
perhaps people don't want choices. They want 
to be directed... and this is why they follow 
a tutorial in the first place(correct me if i'm wrong). 
SO, forget the choices. No more choices for you!
The paint formula that I like is the same as my very
I like a heavy paint job on one side, and a small little touch
on the other... with a small little splash of your 
second color. 
This heavy painted side is where the applique will 
also go. 
Got it??
Of course I could not spread my mediocrity..
so, naturally, the care packages I made feature
beautifully painted towels. Yay!!
Have fun appliqueing!!
Look at this masterpiece drawn on our wall this weekend...
The Joy!


  1. Well, like mother like daughter.....Ava is very creative. I love her wall drawing, that's really good... But how did she do that sideways? I'm impressed! Looks like she also drew on the side of the changing table. Oh, good times! You'll always remember these special moments. I think you ought to draw a frame around the picture and leave it there forever!

  2. Nicely done jaimee! AND Ava! Budding artist you have! I like your moms idea of drawing a frame around it!


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