Friday, May 14, 2010


So, the birthday stress begins. Time to get out those darned birthday
invites. Let's roll through the memories of birthday past...
Yes, the address is blurred out. I am super famous, remember?
So, yesterday we had an impromptu birthday photo shoot. 
I think it went well. Getting the right shot was touchy. Interestingly
enough, the kid gets more difficult to pin down every year! shocker. 
This one was a little forced. 
Too angry.
Eating Fennel. Put that down!
I think we can work with this one. 
And here are some fun goodies from HeyYoYo to get us in the partee mode. 
Dying over the roller skate excitement because 'somebody'
is getting roller skates this year!
2 of the babe's favorite things...
I want miniature everything!
All images from Hey Yo Yo! Buy some stuff!
And because Hey Yo Yo always reminds me of Martha..
they use all Martha papers for their backgrounds, 
I was super pleased to find NEW papers on the 
Martha Craft website this morn. WOO HOO. 
After what seemed like a 6 month hiatus, the papers are back, people!
And they must be fresh off the design table because there are no 
actual pictures, just creepy cads. 
Although, there were some very pretty pictures of stickers. 
What is it about stickers and collecting them and staring at them 
and never using them? Damn you, Mrs. Grossman, for starting me on 
the path to hoarding stickers in the first place!!
Ha.. what a rant. Anyhow, 3D Butterfly stickers..

And fun felted ric rac stickers. These would be super cute
on packages. HATE ric rac. LOVE felted ric rac stickers. 
Buy stickers and new exciting papers at Martha Stewart Crafts!
And, the birthday train will continue. Don't you worry, I will be dragging
you along on my control freak party planning path. 


  1. you are hilarious. i love your posts! and i can't believe how much ava has changed since the last time i saw her! man, kids grow like weeds. i'm excited for you to drag me through bday planning hell. i mean fun. i better be invited this year!

  2. Amazing pics and post! Can't wait for the festivities! Ava seriously is growing like a weed!


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