Thursday, May 20, 2010


Check out some of our new lifestyle shots for the 
relaunch of Split girl for Fall 11!!
We were SO lucky to have a fabulous photographer, 
Melanie Franklin, and The gorgeous Anamique.
Pick up your new Split girl fashions come next summer! whoot!
In the meantime, support the brand by buying some 
swimwear here... or here.
Our swim relaunch will be happening even sooner.. so, 
look for new swimwear early 2011!
All images from Split Girl, shot by Melanie Franklin
Thank you so much to Anamique and Melanie for being so
sweet and talented!
And! yummiest sweater inspiration from barefoot and vintage .


  1. The photos look amazing ... the outfitting is gorgeous!
    Can't wait to get to wear all of the pieces!!!
    Congrats on the launch!

  2. loving it all. you are some talented. i'm excited to wear all this fun stuff!! don't forget to post on my blog. i need everyone to knoooow.

  3. Tres sexy- I can't wait to buy!

  4. hmmmm. i wonder who could be designing THIS collection?!!!! so cute!! love it all- and great pics. making me nostalgic for my UNpaid intern job back on gothard st in the HB all those years ago.....

  5. hey - if you want to go UNpaid.. you are always welcome back!!
    Thanks guys!

  6. Love it Jaimee. I want one of each ;)


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