Wednesday, May 5, 2010


How I love cheesily personalizing the world around me. 
Sorry about the excessive embroidery this week. 
But, I must. 
Personalized 'Mr Sun' 2 year old art on 
Mom's day kitchen towels. Precious!
and, I finally finished this guy...
Just in time for the next holiday!! Seamless. 
I am a simple woman. 
My Mother's Day
gift obsessions?

A magic message bean and a rotary phone. hmm.
message bean via .
rotary phone via.


  1. ooo. so there is this crazy house on middlefeild in pa. it has 3 old, small, broken down honda hatchbacks parked in front of it at all times and the yard is full of crap. this place had a garage sale last weekend and i was so excited. they had a blue rotary phone. too bad it was broken and gross just like the hondas and the rest of the crap for sale. at least i got to see the owner of the house, who was walking on a broken treadmill for sale, pass out and her husband, in tie dye and berks, rush out to her with a cup of water. exciting!

  2. Love the phone. We got a sexy orange one at a flea market in buenos aires fir $20. It totally works but we had to unplug it until we can figure out how to dismantle the atrocious ringer it has!

  3. I love that phone you have Ame!
    I really do desire my own phone. For one, they look fantastic.
    Also, i feel like they are much more reliable after my black out cordless incident.
    Joce, that yard sale sounds fantastic!!
    Happy Mom's day girls!


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