Monday, May 24, 2010


Who loves this belt?
I'm not completely a belt or bag person..
But, I was loving and wearing this belt on Friday. 
We should make these, right?
It kinda makes me light headed... as my waist is
no where near this small.. but, it was worth it. 
Yay for belts!


  1. love! you look so cute in a belt. i am a belt girl and cant wait to have my waist back. make them!

  2. mmmmm! cute!!! i like!!! i think i could be a belt gal??? i only have 1 that can be worn on the EXTERIOR of an outfit....hmmm.
    wanna go to hong kong w/me in june???

  3. of course I WANT to go to HK with you! June, though, is Ava's birthday month! hee. Sounds fun!! Buy me something beautiful at Shanghai Tang!

  4. Make them! I was never a big belt person just because it was more step in getting ready and I'm lazy. But post Lucy body apparently means I have a granny bum- it's flat and won't hold up any of my pants- so I've recently embraced the belt and decided that my ones from high school are not going to cut it. I need to invest in some new ones. Or a butt lift. MISS YOU!


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