Thursday, April 30, 2009

sunday fun!

Oh, how I love dresses! I was poking around Big Cartel this
morning and found the cutest dress shop..
The store is dresses only, and combines the 
dressmaking talents of several contemporary designers.
Beautiful stuff.. and has a monthly featured artist. 
It has been a really long time since I have had a proper 
sunday brunch. I am going to have to work on that!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the uniform.

Behold: the daily uniform. I must confess that lately, my most
favorite uniform consists of leggings and giant tees. This t-shirt is 
my new fave courtesy of my Sweetie and Ambiguous. From 
artist Piquan, it is one of many from the Artist series of tees
for Spring 09... they are all super cute. Check them out!
My daily legging is from Prairie Underground
Also completely fabulous and organic. 
Let's dress alike! Please?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Please report to my office

What we are looking at here is the new color scheme for
my new studio office.. unknowingly provided by 
the cute Perch!
These sweet dangling bird feeder duo is from 
Perch! as well. I am imagining these friends hanging
in my office, overflowing with bubbly succulents.. no?

Why, hello

and good morning with this unexpected peep show from
Nod to Mod Vintage

Monday, April 27, 2009

all around cuteness

How sweet is the Noble Youth clothing line? The styling 
is simple and easy - with nautical details, like rope, mixed up 
with back and shoulder cut outs(my perfect combo). 
I am loving, too, the photo shoot styling. I have never felt the
exact feeling of spending summer vacations or going to 
summer camp  at the lake, but I have seen it in 
many movies.. most recently 
Meatballs(thanks, Sweetie) .. and  I like it. These
photos make me happy. These clothes make me 
happy. End of story.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

happy weekend!

Now off to the lala rummage sale. Fun fun!
1145 South Coast Highway
Laguna Beach, Ca 92651

Friday, April 24, 2009

second verse

To continue on my eco-friendly kick from yesterday..
I still think that Sublet Clothing is the most simple
and beautiful of all eco friendly lines I have seen.
 I was first introduced to them with their Spring 08 
launch of their line,
when their line was minimal and photographed
in white on simple dress forms. The simple detail 
was so beautiful and clean and well sewn. 
Their website has gotten a bit snazzier, and I am
eager to see their Fall 09 line. 
My favorites are still their original basics, which
they still have available to sell, like the Alison dress(above).

the sweetest details. images via the sublet website, early 2008. 
(yes, i saved them.. and for good reason.)

a little bit of this

Beautiful vintage from allencompanyinc

This clasp takes an already cute clutch to the next level. 
In unrelated news, I found a cute blog yesterday that details
all of the vintage shopping areas in Portland. Needless to say, 
i was excited. Shop Vintage Portland

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Did anyone ever dress up their cat in little 
snap button front plaid western shirts?
Well, I did and it was hilarious. 
These prints totally bring me back. Classic.. 
from Berkley Illustration. The whole cast of 
characters is amazing including the artist, Kenny, 
who renders himself as some sort of Wookiee friend
of Chewbacca with sharp pointy teeth. 
I need at least one of these on the wall for times
of excessive seriousness. 


I got a bit caught up with the painting
yesterday.. too caught up to officially 
acknowledge earth day
I did, however, purchase several packages
of  sad Ladybugs that were displayed on the
counter of the hardware store and freed them 
into the wild of our yard. 

Here is a beautiful image from the one and only Sage
to remind us that trees are beautiful.
Let's do our part and sign up for daily news
at treehugger, like this article today about the 
water consumption in North America and
why we are wasting so much water. 
hint: moo. Go green!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Paging Dr. Le!

April gloom is momentarily cured by Mr. Le, who just dropped off
some new shiny chairs. 

All fabric is from Harts Fabric


I am about to start the painting phase on my new
office/studio(fancy, i know). For color inspiration
I consulted one of my new daily faves.. the Holly Color blog
This blog is feel good simplicity and introduces some fun new 
artists I was unaware of. 
Its amazing how looking at colors can make you 
insanely happy. To circle back to my own studio 
painting are some blog snippits 
from Holly's blog that inspired me...
This palette most reminds me of myself and my 
flare for vintage disco colors... I am digging the idea of this
green and a couple deeper shades of green...
Image from the Holly Color blog with inspiration by 
artist Hamburger Panda... who, by the way, has a super 
cute thing going on herself. Her drawings are very cool 
and sea creature inspired. wink. 
This palette is the girl that I wish I was. 
Pastels are so quiet and soft and beautiful.
I will just leave pastels to 
Image from the Holly Color blog with color
inspiration by Antonio Carusone
Thank you, Holly, for such a pretty blog! I 
promise I will be in the know about
cool artists someday?
In the meantime... I am going to buy some
paint and start this thing. 
Photos of the space to follow. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Woaah, Nelly! Ramona West has some 
amazing vintage. Truly exciting... see? 
                  Yay for wovens!


We know I love crochet..this granny crochet bag was featured
last week on the Storque on Etsy. Of course, it is sold. 
Pics of my fabulous crochet Valentino to follow!

from the desk of sweetie..

Sweetie likes music. He turned me on yesterday to the group 
Aside from being a super hip duo from Portland, they record
abstract videos with stuffed animals, and have a very 
pretty homepage with hand drawn art and scurrying bunnies. 
 You can listen to nine songs by just opening the homepage. They will soften 
your morning and send you into complete dreaminess!
Keep 'em coming sweetie!

Monday, April 20, 2009

two quarters

Is all it takes for a good time on the mechanical pony. 

my Shayla

So I am trying to figure out what 'names' to associate with my 
professional future. I am reminded of the Sex in the City
Episode  where Charlotte pulls out her memory box
 with her would be baby name embroidery.. Shayla. 
My top name, my Shayla, was Nest.
 I was slightly saddened to find today online 
another Nest.. in Australia. Although.. completely 
thrilled to find a little children's design
studio and co-op and their sweet little brand of printed
fabrics and notions - Umbrella Prints.
These flip dolls are to die for and they come in little 
packages that you assemble yourself. 
Nest is very cute and I think we can co-exist peacefully. 

Friday, April 17, 2009

shroomy fever

in the spirit of the live mushroom forest that i really want 
in my kitchen, i did a little etsy search of my own. 
after rooting through the over 6400 mushroom related products, 
i found  that mushrooms are associated with gnomes over 75% 
of the time. Another 15% or magical in either a dark crystal 
or really groovy way. the last ten percent consists of 
amazing letterpress, hand drawn, crocheted, or vintage
shroomies... the kind to be excited about. 
here is a little taste..

Thursday, April 16, 2009

like candy

just in case you forgot about the 
vintage plastic broaches from yesterday..

clearly, i am tiring out my own better financial judgement until i finally cave into 
myself and purchase all of these.  at 40 bucks, a total steal. 
all from yee haw.

what i need

is a little dimension around here. i recently became obsessed with wall decals. 
here are some fun ones.  
i am loving this idea for the avas room, but real nesting dolls. 
with mustaches. in orange. these lovelies are from dezign

this 'walk in the park' is from elly nelly on supermarket... and i find it 
to be so sweet and relaxing. Perhaps a good add on for my new office?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

is that you, bigfoot?

Font size
I was thinking about letterpress yesterday. I visited all of my favorite standards and saw nothing blog worthy. 
Meanwhile, the stork on has the most amazing write up on the letterpress available on their site. Of course! 
I am in love with all things big foot related... the above piece from sycamore street press. It is entirely possible that I am completely dreaming up any connection between bigfoot and that piece. But, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 
The tree cards are from an artist named Yee Haw. Naturally, they are sold out. I am also completely smitten with these plastic vintage broach creations by the same artist. I have no interest in what their exact purpose is, 
but I want ten of them. I have momentarily moved my attention from crazy miniature ceramics to kitsch-y  bright colored plastic. And note, too, that I have discovered Linking. Later today a fancy header! Tomorrow, links to websites! maybe. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

little bumpkies

I dressed up for Easter and all I got was this bracelet by Ava Patri 
and Feed Me by Jackson Z Laird. 

My dream man office would include..

Groovy chairs, vintage bowling balls(courtesy of and 
charging Rhinos from the A+R store. But, a man I am not. 

beautiful walls

The color of these new spring Trove wallpapers is so fresh and subtle. 
i feel inspired.. what to do.

Say hello

to my new object of desire: a live mushroom forest from 
he will live in my kitchen in a glass dome and i will call him squishy. 

Thinking about

The Ferry building in San Francisco. And, Miette. so pretty 
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