Thursday, April 23, 2009


Did anyone ever dress up their cat in little 
snap button front plaid western shirts?
Well, I did and it was hilarious. 
These prints totally bring me back. Classic.. 
from Berkley Illustration. The whole cast of 
characters is amazing including the artist, Kenny, 
who renders himself as some sort of Wookiee friend
of Chewbacca with sharp pointy teeth. 
I need at least one of these on the wall for times
of excessive seriousness. 


  1. Um... never dressed up my cat- but did occasionally put Jackson in a sweater when we lived in NYC... Winters were brutal!

  2. of course you dressed up your cat. and curled your bangs. ;)

  3. and kept a picture of my cat by the bed for long trips! i know. i know!


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