Tuesday, April 21, 2009

from the desk of sweetie..

Sweetie likes music. He turned me on yesterday to the group 
Aside from being a super hip duo from Portland, they record
abstract videos with stuffed animals, and have a very 
pretty homepage with hand drawn art and scurrying bunnies. 
 You can listen to nine songs by just opening the homepage. They will soften 
your morning and send you into complete dreaminess!
Keep 'em coming sweetie!


  1. super lo-fi, eh? *yawn* i'm headed to dreamland for sure.

  2. Jocelyn you comment on Jaimee's blog way more than mine! Though hers is all inspirational and amazing and mine is full of pics of my dogs and friend's babies!

  3. there is enough blog love to go around. have you seen joce's blog lately?


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