Monday, April 20, 2009

my Shayla

So I am trying to figure out what 'names' to associate with my 
professional future. I am reminded of the Sex in the City
Episode  where Charlotte pulls out her memory box
 with her would be baby name embroidery.. Shayla. 
My top name, my Shayla, was Nest.
 I was slightly saddened to find today online 
another Nest.. in Australia. Although.. completely 
thrilled to find a little children's design
studio and co-op and their sweet little brand of printed
fabrics and notions - Umbrella Prints.
These flip dolls are to die for and they come in little 
packages that you assemble yourself. 
Nest is very cute and I think we can co-exist peacefully. 


  1. That's a really cute store but I think yours will be AMAZING.

  2. I'm sure you can too :-) everybody needs a nest

  3. you are so right umbrellabella. thanks for sharing.


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