Wednesday, April 15, 2009

is that you, bigfoot?

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I was thinking about letterpress yesterday. I visited all of my favorite standards and saw nothing blog worthy. 
Meanwhile, the stork on has the most amazing write up on the letterpress available on their site. Of course! 
I am in love with all things big foot related... the above piece from sycamore street press. It is entirely possible that I am completely dreaming up any connection between bigfoot and that piece. But, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 
The tree cards are from an artist named Yee Haw. Naturally, they are sold out. I am also completely smitten with these plastic vintage broach creations by the same artist. I have no interest in what their exact purpose is, 
but I want ten of them. I have momentarily moved my attention from crazy miniature ceramics to kitsch-y  bright colored plastic. And note, too, that I have discovered Linking. Later today a fancy header! Tomorrow, links to websites! maybe. 

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  1. Very good with the links missy! I also like the new header- though the pic of Ava was to die for- this one fits the screen happier. Every since you mentioned Etsy through the blog I feel the compulsive need to visit the site daily...


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