Tuesday, December 28, 2010

bad behavior

bad bad holiday behavior. 
bad blogging. 
bad communicating. 
bad worker goes to work in one outfit and leaves
in another. 
cute color blocked knit top though, right?
 the holiday has brought the realization of 
the brilliant egon von furstenburg sweater we 
have all been waiting for, though.
note the real deal on the right and the new colorway 
on the left. bright poppy and new wood buttons!
yay for Paige
 and of course there was holiday crafting!
psychedelic santa anyone?
 homemade salt and flour ornaments. 
bummed I cut off Ava's 'sleeping bag with pillow'
creation at the top left. 
 happy holidays from Christmas Yoda. 
New year's resolution to be a super good 
blogger, among other things to be 
discussed later. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Hi peops! Hope you are keeping abreast
of all of the new activity over on the Split Girl Blog
Today there are some dandy shots of 
a few of my new holiday goodins. 
This below piece is my fave. 
Black and cream goodness. If you were able
to jump on this morning, you would have seen a 
very unfortunate and pantless (with tights)
photo of me that I quickly removed. ha!
 Speaking of festive holiday jumpers, 
feast your eyes on what I found while shopping yesterday!
 The back of this sweater really takes it to the super crazed
middle age lady who likes Disney level. 
It reminds me of Harriet from small wonder. 
There were many hot sweaters out yesterday. 
This one was neon and heathered. Had it been 3 sizes too big
for me, I would have bought it. 
Life is busy as we prep for trade show season to start in 2 1/2
weeks. Hope everyone is having a good holiday!

Friday, December 10, 2010


Here I am! I am here. I am forced to use 'normal' type 
size, as my work computer will only allow me to post
in miniature fashion. Hopefully, 'normal' will work. 
Busy busy busy shooting Split Girl. 
It is still old and very very goode.
I will show you a little glimpse of 
Split Girl Fall 11 to wet your appetite...
Can we DIE over this dress together?
It is silky and amazing. And, has pockets. 
Thank goodness for practicality. 
And, dirty bathtubs.
have a good weekend!! Miss everyone!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

pretty pictures

Before officially moving on to Christmas, 
it's December btw, pretty pictures of 
Fall on Whidbey Island
 Fall on Whidbey is cooooold. 

the farm... loganberry wine and pie. mm
 Langley.. hideous place. 
 Ava got kind of festive for the Thanksgiving holiday..
 And, we finally got on the train float in the Los Altos 
Parade of Lights. Thanks to Meg for helping us 
live the dream!
totally avoiding work for a week plus two days was totally awesome. 
Now, I must get to it. 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mr Turkey

I would not be myself if I didn't have Mr Turkey
wish everyone a happy thanksgiving this year. 
I can't believe I forgot to bring him on my road trip. 
Dragging Mr Turkey out for Thanksgiving drinks at the bar
brings me so much happiness. 
Vintage floral Thanksgiving! Have a good one!

Monday, November 22, 2010

this is me

thoroughly entertained with myself in the new 'Mel' 
sweater that just arrived for our Fall 11 photo shoot this week. 
This thing is so darned cute. And, the color 'pinky'
can soften anyone up. Even me!
Look for yours from Split Girl very soon!
I have many pics of trees to share from my woodsy 
weekend on the Greenbank Farm.
Right now, however, I must get in a car and drive to SF. 
Happy Turkey week!
p.s. I swear I do not think I am a model all of the 
sudden. I have no idea what has gotten into me. 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

i repeat

I love this Split Girl Fall tunic. 
And ahem.. here is our new model, April. 
She is a complete babe and the sweetest thing. 
Happy weekend! Me and the toddler are 
off the the remote wilderness of the San Juan islands!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

laces and fur balls.

I do love laces.
who doesn't want this zexy open lace on 
a button up and a dress? I know!
You will have it next year by way of Split Girl.

Wanna see something ridiculous?
meet Felix.. Ringo's newly adopted friend. 
yes, he resembles barf from space balls. 
And! I just promoted to myself to the level of 
spastic pet owner, as I have completely decided that 
Ringo, in his 2 lb/12year old state, needs to start 
wearing sweaters to keep his little body warm. 
So, look for that entertainment later. 
But, enough funny diversions...
the reason for our newly adopted gopher-rabbit
is because I lost my most loved bunny Jamie the rabbit 
in August. 
 I adopted Jamie the rabbit 8 1/2 years ago, when he was 1 1/2. 
Of course I was attracted to him by his fantastic name, which I never 
had the heart to change. And so, I endured 8 years of being made fun of
over my rabbit of the same name. He was such a love and 
my little buddy. He always wanted to see me even in times when no 
one else did. gulp! I miss him. This was one of the reasons for 
my August depression 2010.
I just needed to hold that information close to me until I was 
ready to share it. xx
Ok, let's end on a high.  I came into work today wearing an oversized 
man-shirt. Standard. Then I got my yummiest flannel tunic sample in 
for next year. Me and flannels, 
we don't really understand each other. 
Its one of those not-angsty-enough situations. 
So let's reinvent the wheel here and wear batwing flannel tunics
with aztec plaid. 
And, it has pockets. I'm in love! I wish I had brought a little belt today. 
yay! Happy Tues!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Speaking of Aztec

and this awesome jacket..
look at these amazing images from 
Yance and Daves southwestern adventure. 
So incredible. 
 If one person supports my love of
heavy weaves, its Lance. Miss you!

look what we have here!

Swim season is almost upon us.. fall selling season
starts in January. 
So, we are getting closer and closer to the new 
Split Girl website launch. In the meantime, we 
are going to go ahead and exercise our right to blog. 
Find the Split girl blog here
And because I am a glutton for punishment, or 
I love to spread my face across the worldwide web - 
you choose - I am the temporary blog model. 
Don't get excited.. I said temporary. 
So look forward to new blogs to come!

trapeze dress from Split girl fall 11
aztec print inspiration purchased at Golden State Goods
for Holiday 11. 
You've seen it before. This maxi is the best. 
The print will be in the Split girl holiday 11 collection. 
yay for more content for me! Happy Thursday. 
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