Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Hi peops! Hope you are keeping abreast
of all of the new activity over on the Split Girl Blog
Today there are some dandy shots of 
a few of my new holiday goodins. 
This below piece is my fave. 
Black and cream goodness. If you were able
to jump on this morning, you would have seen a 
very unfortunate and pantless (with tights)
photo of me that I quickly removed. ha!
 Speaking of festive holiday jumpers, 
feast your eyes on what I found while shopping yesterday!
 The back of this sweater really takes it to the super crazed
middle age lady who likes Disney level. 
It reminds me of Harriet from small wonder. 
There were many hot sweaters out yesterday. 
This one was neon and heathered. Had it been 3 sizes too big
for me, I would have bought it. 
Life is busy as we prep for trade show season to start in 2 1/2
weeks. Hope everyone is having a good holiday!


  1. I LOVED the sweaters on the split blog today, I saw it and drooled a little. Did you buy that NKOTB sweater????? wow. wow.
    wait there was a picture you removed? I think I may have seen it.............. why didnt i take a screenshot?

  2. if i had been a NKTOB fan, i would have totally been compelled to buy.
    But, I was not. Thank goodness you did not take a screen shot. I feel me nether region was a little too exposed. Miss our chats!

  3. love that cream sweater! perfect details, and love the loose sleeves!

  4. dammit, where was i? totally missed the unfortunate photos. bum. out.

  5. Love that sweater! Meow!

    Lela London - Fashion Blog and Shoe Blog

  6. ok... sooo late but better than never right?

    1st... you should have bought the NKOTB sweater - with them touring this year with the Backstreet Boys I bet it would be a much-desired commodity for some weirdo 30-something who is going to see them with her sister-in-law... Names are withheld to protect ;)

    Also - I went to college with Vicki from Small Wonder... crazy, right?!



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